My baby girl is 16 years old today!! Unbelievable to me...seriously...where did my peanut go? So later on we are off to the DMV so she can get her permit and then dinner out somewhere of her choice. She is thinking Ruby Tuesday's...hope she sticks with that because it is one of my favorites!!

This past weekend we spent up in Olcott Beach at my brother Kerry's cabin. He took us all out on his amazing charter boat so we could catch some "big" fish!! It was such a wonderful weekend. Kevin, my other brother, the kids, Andrew and I plus our neices Margaret and Kelsie and nephew David all went. Aside from having to get up at the ungodly hour of 4AM!!!! to get on the boat we certainly enjoyed the experience. Margaret and Kevin were the big winners of the day with the largest fish over all. Max by far caught the cutest little fish. And David, well, he happened to be the one that lost the most fish...three to be exact. But he pulled it together after his sister caught hers and he was able to reel one in....a bit...okay a lot smaller than his sister but who cares....teheheheee. So I just want to say thank you to my amazing big brother Kerry who owns the Overboard Charters for giving us all such a wonderful experience on Lake Ontario. The kids are already talking about going again!! Oh and we grilled some of the catch of the day and it was awesome!! Can't get any fresher than that!!
Just wanted to get on here this morning and announce the winners to my blog giveaway! They did such a great job on their layouts and I am so happy that I was able to spur them on to get so many done!! The winners are ALicia (Txscrapper) and Boydsscrapper!! Congratulations!! Please email me at with your addresses so that I can get your prizes out to you!! Thank you so much for playing along with me!! I am personally behind on my own challenge but ummm....the bathroom has been taking wayyy to long!!

I have a prayer request. My brother is in need of many prayers right now. So without going into details please pray for his strength and well being. It has been a rough weekend for us and prayers are very very welcome!

Thank you all!!