Yesterday we woke up to some horrendous winds and some rather crazy weather. In fact just about all of the schools in Northern Chautauqua area were closed for the day. That meant I had everybody home. SO needless to say I didn't get much done but did do plenty of laundry. It was kind of cozy having everybody home. The winds stayed around for most of the day and it sure was cold but the sun came out and was just a beautiful day in the afternoon.

I worked on this layout today. I can't believe how much the boys have changed in just four short years. The older photo was taken at bible camp and when I found it on the computer I just knew that I had to create a Then and Now layout. The boys willingly and happily posed for the current photo and with my wonderful new printer I was able to print them out and create this.

We have another storm brewing for tonight and tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed that it will stay away just never know! I am off to get the mail now.

Have a great day everyone!!

I was working on a challenge for Making Memories for You and this is the layout that I did. The extremely frustrating thing that happened though was while I was waiting for the stickles to dry...Hunter (the damn cat!) sat on it! Oh I was so mad...glitter smooshed and spread in places it wasn't suppose to be. Don't tell Andrew but I was very mad at that damn cat!!

Isn't Madeleine Just gorgeous??

Well, the kids are back in school after a long weekend and Drew starts his college classes tonight for the spring semester. We start our normal routine again. The weather is kind of crappy....suppose to be warm at almost 50 degrees but then we are suppose to have a clod front come through tonight with wicked winds blowing in some lake effect. Just what we all need!

I will be spending time in my scrap room today trying to finish up some challenges that need to be done by the 31st. Can you believe that January is almost over? What happens to the time??

Sabres play again tonight...excited about that. Max has had an earache for the last two days. Trying to treat it here at home so he doesn't have to go on antibiotics. Poor little guy!

Here is a layout that I completed this weekend. I found these pictures of Max on the computer from last Mother's Day. Have I ever told you how much I love my new printer?? It was so cool to find them and then just print them up and work on them. Way too cool!!

Have a great day everybody!! Jenn

but at least the sun is shining a little bit. I have been busy working on some scrapping projects. I joined a few new groups and have been working on challenges and contests. Nothing like a good challenge to get your creative juices going. I am really loving my new group of girls!! They are so much fun and the talent is phenomenal! So needless to say they are pushing me right where I need to go. Here is a layout that I completed for one of the challenges. It was using white space. I love this picture of Maddie...I think that her eyes are positively gorgeous! I am also going to try a layout that isn't 8.5x11 (Gasp!) I do those for my store but not for personal projects. So with my new attitude this year I am going to spice up my scrapping as well. Now I will just have to learn how to scan a 12x12 on a small scanner. I know that you do it in parts and then stitch them together but as for how to go about doing that...I am clueless! So anybody have any wonderful tips that you would like to share?? Please!!

Just wanted to pop in while waiting for some paint to dry on a new layout I am working on (yep for another challenge! Love those challenges!!)

Have a great one everybody!! Jenn

Yep, We do! This is the promised layout of Abigail's homecoming. Did I say how much I love my new printer? I made a mistake and needed to reprint another was so nice to just be able to do that and not wait for a trip to Wal Mart. Love, love, loving it! Anyways, this layout turned out okay I guess, but I am not too awful happy with the stamped "Still" It just wasn't what I wanted but couldn't really figure out what else to do at the time. Isn't she gorgeous? I made the flower embellishment myself using a transparency, alcohol inks and glitter to closely resemble the necklace she is wearing (which by the way took forever to find!!)

On another note...everybody made it home safe last night. I couldn't believe how bad the weather turned....I think that I am a little tired of snow now. I know, I know we haven't had near as much as we normally do but I guess that I have been spoiled with the mild winter earlier this month. Going out to the bus stop with the girls is a nightmare anymore with all the snow clothes!! (emmy and ellie...who I babysit in case you wondering what girls...tehehee)

Well, I am off to do some creating today. Maybe I will be able to share some new things later. Have a great day! Stay safe everyone!! Jenn

I am still trying to figure out the scanning stuff on the new all in one. For some reason I keep getting an error when it tries to save the scan. Drew is off singing at the old folks home but he said he would help when he gets home.

We are having one heck of a snow storm at the moment and I am a little worried about Drew's ride home. Andrew just came in from wrestling practice and he said it was pretty nasty on the roads. The snow sure is pretty but it can scare the heck out of me at times.

Battling a terrible earache today. I think that I will share one more layout from my stash and get Max ready for bed so that I can curl up with my rice bag (love this thing!) and warm up my ear.

Hope you all have a great one tonight! Jenn
I am loving my Christmas present this year from the kids and Drew! I have wanted a photo printer for sometime now and Drew was so reluctant to buy one. Not sure of all his reasons (maybe he thought I would go a little crazy and put us in the poor house) but to my wonderful surprise there was one under the tree this year. It is an HP Photosmart all in one and I adore it! I was able to print pictures today that have been on the computer since October for Abby's homecoming. I had an idea for a layout finally and all I had to do was go to the computer and click print. So as we are snow bound today I can actually scrap what I want because I have the pictures. Can't get any better than that I guess. Hopefully I can post the layout tomorrow if I actually get it finished.

Sadly though I am watching the Sabres play and they are losing at the moment. Not sure what is happening to my boys but I still have faith. Love those guys and know that they can get it all figured out soon!!

Hope you are all warm and cozy on this snowy cold day!!

Baby it sure is cold here today! Lots and lots of snow. Of course I have spent most of my time on the computer and not really working on anything new this weekend. Just trying to get inspired. I joined a few contests and challenges so hopefully that will make me get my butt in gear. I have been looking through all of my layouts and thought I would share one of my favorites today since I have nothing else to share.

Stay warm everybody and stay safe! Jenn

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Isn't this just the cutest little gift set? It is a post it note holder that I used a 4x6 acrylic frame, a checkbook cover and a matching gift card. Everything you need to give a cute little gift. I used the new papers from the Basic Grey Two Scoops line and let me tell you...I can't get enough of these papers. They are so yummy! Thanks for taking a peek...I had a lot of fun making these! Jenn
Well, I have been doing some soul searching this week. I guess it all centers around my website payment do for the year. I love having a website but in all honesty it has not generated enough income for me. I have my store at eBay which is doing fine and is fun to do so maybe I need to think about changing direction in my life. I love to scrapbook for others and I won't stop doing that but maybe I just need a little change for a bit. I really, really want to get myself published sometime this year or next (Lots of amazing competition out there) And I really want to experiment with some new techniques and designs....get in touch again with the inner artist in me and not the business me. Okay, I rambling on I know but this blog is like keeping a journal and so here I go baring my soul for all!

On a side note...I have created some cute things today to list in my store...or maybe to use as a birthday gift for a birthday coming up. Hmmmm....I will have to think on that one a bit. Will try to post some pictures later. Just waiting for some of the Ranger Stickles to dry that I used on them.

Have a great day everyone!! Jennifer

Well, my first post actually worked! Yeah me!! Now I will try to post a picture. I had to make a birthday card today for my sister's mother inlaw who is turning 90 on Friday. This woman is amazing and I just can't believe that she is 90. I want to be just like her when I grow up!
I have been reading blogs of all kinds for awhile now and I decided that in the new year I was going to create one for myself. Now those of you who know me know that I am not always the most computer literate. So if I get this up and running I will certainly be proud of myself. I just want a place to share my creations and maybe inspire someone along the way as I have been inspired by so many other blogs out there. And I would like to have a place for family and friends to see what I have been up to when they don't hear from me because I am lost in my studio.

Well, here goes....I am going to post this now and see if it works. Fingers and toes crossed!

Have a great day! Jennifer