This is her kitchen...sin't it cute?
Her own bedroom and those windows have such a nice breeze...they over look the courtyard
Another pic of her kitchen...sorry I didn't remember to turn the picture
Max Hugging her good-bye before we left Cassadaga...He wants to visit her 100 times!!
And last but not least her quirky..."see ya mom...I am going to be fine!!!"

So today is the start of the big Labor Day festivities here in the village. We will be going to Rod and Lisa's for a picnic then off to watch the parade. The annual ducky derby after that...let me tell you I better win something this year! And the best part of all....sitting on the golf course watching the fireworks. It is so cool to be watching them when they are right over top of you....they light them off towards the back of the course and we all get to sit on the front of the course. The absolute best way to watch fireworks for sure!! I always make special homemade popcorn and we set up a blanket to sit on. Have a couple of beers/pop and snack on the popcorn....perfect!! Although, Drew has to work at the Dale tonight. His last night for the summer so he will be watching from the gate. Kind of a bummer but as I am is always changing much to my dismay!!

Stay safe this weekend and have a wonderful end of the summer blast! I know that we will!!
Just a quick one tonight...I am sad. We took Maddie back to school today. I cannot believe that summer is actually over! She was so excited to go back to school and I have to say that makes it a bit easier on me. Her apartment is so cute...I mean it doesn't have any decorative qualities but it will once her and Brit put their touches to it. But it is so much nicer than her dorm room last year in that she has her own room, a kitchen and get this...their very own bathroom!! Life is good when you don't have to share a bathroom with 60 other people!! I took pictures and will post them tomorrow...just haven't got the heart to get them off the camera tonight.

Abby's volleyball team won their first match today against Gowanda...we had to miss it but she completely understood. Can't wait until Wednesday to see the next one.

Drew has a scrimmage tomorrow...say a prayer for his shoulder please.

Promise...I will post pictures tomorrow!!

I can share my Master's layouts with you all today because alas...I wasn't chosen. Not that I was expecting to because they had thousands and thousands of entries but boy it sure would have been fun to be one of the lucky and talented 10 that were chosen.

Life is getting hectic here...Abby made the Varsity volleyball team which is really great since she is only a sophomore. She has practice every single morning at 7:30 am!! Then Drew has football practice every single night from 4-7pm. We are constantly driving which is scary because gas is still so darn expensive...although we are under $4 now. All the way to $3.99!! Maddie is trying to get ready to go back to school next friday so we are trying to make sure she has everything that she needs and is packed. Of course I am already starting to get weepy and then it only gets worse the following week when my little sidekick starts school. Life sure has a way of changing on you doesn't it?
And an update on Drew's shoulder....went to the specialist one more time before the season starts and he ordered a fancy schmancy brace for his shoulder to be worn during games and practices. Thank goodness we have good insurance because this brace costs almost $300!! It will be worth my piece of mind though! Still looking at surgery in November and we are hoping it will be early november so he can play baseball. His baseball coach is already fretting that he won't be cleared in time. I am leaving it all in God's hands and told the coach to do the same!!

Today Abby is 15!! My lord, how did my kids get to be so old already? 15 years ago this minute sweet little Abby came into the world and sometimes it seems just like yesterday and then other times feels like forever ago!!

We took her to Applebees last night for dinner and it was so nice because we were actually all has become rare to have all 6 of us out together anymore with everybody's crazy schedules and social lives. We had been saving a gift card that we got for christmas from Kevin and Carna for a time that we could all be together....only took us 8 months to find that time!!

Today we are going to see a tractor parade and possibly a tractor pull. How redneck is that? But it is a big thing here in town and uncle David worked really hard restoring an antique tractor so we are excited to see it in the parade. Then cake and ice cream later with the grandparents and whoever else feels like coming over for some yummy chocolate cake.
Have a great day everyone!!

Max had his check up today for kindergarten. He weighs 54 pounds and is 45 inches tall!! He gained 10 pounds since February....but the doctor says there is not an ounce of fat on him. Okay...he has a little pudge on his tummy but what 4 year old doesn't. Anyways, he had to have 4 shots and he did not shed one single tear or give any bit of struggle. I was so proud of my little man. Our nurse Lyn was totally shocked and impresses!! Needless to say he was allowed to get a treat for being such a big boy and he picked a Whoopie Pie. The thing was enormous so he brought most of it home to share with his sisters and brother. Such a sweetie.

Life is hectic lately getting ready for school and of course the Fall sports starting. Going to be an exciting year with football and volleyball that is for sure. Maddie is anxious to get back to college...she will be moving into her apartment on the 29th. I am surprisingly weepy about her going back. Yeah all know that being weepy is no surprise. I am just so thankful she is so happy there.

Was so excited because my kit came in for my dt position over at MMFY. Lots of fun new goodies to play with and I can't wait to share but of course I have to wait until Sept. 1st. I love getting scrappy mail so it was extra special to get the yummy kit!!

Here is a layout that I did for a challenge at MMFY...had to use the colors pink, black and white. I converted this picture of Abby to black and white and then I even made myself some pink and black crocheted flowers to use as embellies. I love how it turned out but I wish the scan looked better. Believe me, it looks much prettier in real life!!