Can you believe it? This little man is officially a kindergarten graduate!! It seems so unreal to me how fast this year truly has flown by. It seems just like yesterday that I was putting him on the bus for the very first time!! Now he is a seasoned student who loves school and thinks that riding the bus is the best thing ever!! Now I will have to think of plenty of things to keep this guy occupied this summer. Thankfully he loves to read so I am sure we will be making plenty of trips to the library!! First grade here we come!! Look out Mrs. Scudder!!
I decided to make Elysia's birthday card using this weeks sketch from Card Positioning Systems. This is sketch #120. I used all of the papers and embellies that I used in the canvas layout so that it would coordinate. It also used up my scraps which always makes me happy!! Okay, now I am off to wrap the gift and get it ready for the party!!
This is a canvas layout that I made for Abby's friend Elysia for her 16th birthday. I am so pleased with how it turned out. Elysia and her family have been friends of ours for a long time!! When Elysia was 9 her mother, my very good friend, was killed in an automobile accident 2 days before Christmas. She has faced to much in her life and yet she always has a positive attitude and is really quite an inspiration. I hope she likes this canvas...I wanted to showcase the friendship between the two of them!!

In my last post I mentioned that Andrew would be receiving an award at the Spring Sports banquet. I am pleased to tell you that he received the Holley-Brunson Memorial Award which is given for dedication, leadership, sacrifice and cooperation. We are so proud of him for winning this very special award!!

We finally have a boys 16-18 baseball league started this year. Last night was their first game and although they didn't win they really played very well. Our team is made up mostly of the Cassadaga Cougar team with a few other players from around the county. The team we played last night was made up of all All Star baseball players from the county. So they were an exceptionally good team. It was really cool to see our guys hold their own...even without a single practice before hand!!

School will be wrapping up for good next week. Abby and Andrew have one more exam on Tuesday. Max graduates from kindergarten on Tuesday as well but his official last day is Thursday. Andrew (hubby) has his last day on Thursday too. So then we can officially ring in SUMMER!! I sure hope that the weather gets back on track though because the last few days have been terribly rainy and chilly! I want SUMMER! I want SUN! I want HEAT! Is that too much to ask for?

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For the Card Positioning Systems Blog Challenge 119 and....For a sketch challenge over at Coordinates Collections

It feels so good to actually be working creatively again. Here is to hoping that there is plenty more to come and that my creative drought is over!! Just in time for the summer right...where it is hard sometimes to get myself to stay inside the house but hey, if it means that I have to carry my stuff outside to the picnic table then by golly I will do just that!!

Nothing else is happening around here today except we have the Spring Sports Awards banquet to go to tonight. Andrew Thomas is suppose to win some award but he isn't suppose to know about that and we have no idea what it is either. We just got a letter from the school saying to please have him there. Guess I will have to let you all know tomorrow what it is.

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His first roller coaster ride!
He just loved the paddle boats...of course he spent most of the time trying to get his friends wet!!
Driving all by himself this year!!
With one of his "girlfriends"

The school year is just about over...My Lord, where did it go? It just seems like yesterday that I was putting Max on the bus for the first time he is mere days away from becoming a first grader!! Andrew and Abby have just 5 full days left of school and then their wonderful regents exams to take the following week. Max graduates from kindergarten on the 23rd but his official last day of school is the 25th. We know who is teacher is going to be next year and I am thrilled to pieces because she was the other kids teacher too. I just love her!!

Last week I went with Max's kindergarten class to Midway Park and he had the absolute best time ever! I did however learn that my son is quite the ladies man! He spent a lot of time with the girls!! He was also able to drive the Bumper Car all by himself this year..imagine that...he is tall enough to reach the pedals. Let us just say that I am very thankful that there are quite a few years yet before he will be able to drive an actual car...he wasn't the greatest at steering quite yet!!

Abby joined a Sand Volleyball league this summer and her first game was last night. She just loved it!! I keep telling her that she could be the next Misty May....wouldn't that be a hoot!!

The sun is shining today and I am very happy about that! I have some weeding to do in the gardens and then I may just pull up a chair in the sun and read and relax and enjoy my peace and quiet before all heck breaks loose next week when everybody and their friends are all here!!

Well, I had hoped to be sharing the news that we were moving on in the playoffs but...unfortunately the Cougar Curse reared its ugly head in the final inning of the game last night. This was such a heartbreaking loss for the boys...I can't even begin to describe how much it hurt to see these boys lose this game. And the kicker of it was...they had it...they had it...but then they just fell apart. I can't even explain how that happened because it just was so unreal. So things are quiet around the house...not many smiles coming from Andrew Thomas. And as we left the game last night I said "Next year guys" but the real kicker is that we have only one more "Next Year" as this great group of boys who deserve so much will all be seniors. That can just tug at your heart strings just a little bit. But, we need to put things in is just a game....and it is what it is. Maybe in a little while the boys will all realize this and move on and quite possibly learn something from all of it. Here is to hoping and praying it doesn't take them too long to do just that.

My friend Lisa Monacelli took this cute picture of Max at last weeks play off game. He truly is the coolest bat boy around...her words but I have to agree with her. No matter what sport is being played he somehow ends up being the "Team Mascot" It is really quite cute to watch him with the boys...he just looks up to them so much!!

This past weekend was the Prom. Andrew Thomas went stag with a bunch of his friends. Thankfully he really isn't into a particular girl at the moment (something I can do without for awhile...teheheee) They had a great time and after the Prom the school hosted an After Prom Party all night which is great because it keeps the kids off the roads and helps keep them safe. Andrew had fun at that too and came home with a $25 cash prize as well as 2 free Bison's Baseball Tickets. Pretty cool I think!!