we have been so busy!! We borrowed my father inlaws truck and were able to take two loads of c**p to the dump this weekend. We put in our new pool liner and got the pool all ready to go if and when it ever warms up enough to swim. Planted lots and lots in the garden as well as here at home with my flowers and herbs. Still have more to do but I needed to take a break!! The kids started making me a brick fire pit....love it!! It sure beats the heck out of the old dryer barrell that we were using. And I spent time planting at mom's grave. The kids marched in two parades on Monday and then we had hotdogs at the legion afterwards. So it has been a crazy hectic weekend but lots got accomplished and I feel pretty good about that!!

The boys had a game last night....just like a scrimmage thingy to keep them playing until playoffs start on Friday. They were doing really well and the score was always getting tied up but then our guys had a bad inning and that was all she wrote. They ended up losing but like I said this game didn't matter and the coach was not about to waste a pitcher on this game. Andrew did hit another homerun and he made an awesome pick off to a runner at second. So things are still good with him. Friday they will play a team from Holland Ny for the start of the Playoffs. Hopefully we will have quite a few games left to play!!!!!!

This layout is one that I did for a challenge at MMFY where we had to scrap lift another layout. I just love these papers from My Minds Eye....think that they are just perfect for a little boy layout.

These pictures are from this weekend....check out my new pool liner....isn't it pretty??

Have a great day everybody!!
to what is wrong with Andrew's shoulder!! Yesterday he had his appointment with the specialist in Erie. After his exam, reading the MRI and having another set of xrays done he figured out that Andrew is deformed....now I do say that with a smile on my face only because it is an answer to all of his pain. It appears that the bones in his shoulder that are suppose to "fuse" together as he grew...never fused together. So in certain instances like when tackling in football the bones are actually being hit against each other causing the intense pain. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done at this time because the only "cure" is surgery but he is not willing to do this to a 16 year old athlete with great potential because the surgery although would relieve the pain it would also create very limited mobility in his shoulder. There is a slim chance that the bones would fuse together on their own with...now here is the key word....REST. But since he has been a 3 sport athlete his shoulder has never had a chance to rest. He ordered another MRI with the contrast dye to make sure his diagnosis is correct as well as rule out any other cause. But it is just really to confirm his thoughts. He has been told to take the summer months to give his shoulder a chance to possibly heal. He is limited as to what he can do as far as lifting weights and it was decided that he should opt out of wrestling camp this summer. He will attend football camp but in a limited capacity all in the hopes that his shoulder will magically fuse together. I say magically though because he wasn't optimistic about it happening. He can continue to play all the sports that he is doing once the school year starts with the understanding that he will have to learn to manage the pain, protect it as much as possible and well learn to deal with it. There is not a concern from the doctor that he will injure it anymore although I have to say as his mom I will be scared out of my mind. But what do I know? I am only the mom! So the news is not what we had hoped....we really hoped that there would be some type of fix for this. But at least we have an answer. I wish I knew why the original specialist missed this in the xrays...it was quite obvious to even us that there was a large gap in the bone. But I guess that will be something we will never quite know.

On a positive note....the baseball team finished 10-2 for the regular season. They took second place. The first team place was 11-1 and that one that they lost was because our boys kicked their butts!! So I am very, very proud of these guys. Playoffs start the 30th and I will keep you all posted as to how they go.

Still trying to find my house this week...haven't been in my scrap room once!! Tomorrow Drew has off and we are borrowing his father's truck so that we can haul out of this house all the CR** that we have acquired over the years. This means the attic, basement and of course our catch all front room. So I know that I won't be creating anything new until next week. The weather is suppose to cooperate too and I might actually get all of my plants planted as well. We also have to put the new pool liner in...say a prayer please that that goes off without a hitch.

Paige has had some encouraging news this week. Her chemo starts soon but she is healing nicely from the surgeries. She is having a great positive attitude about things so I know that is going to help her get through these next couple of months. Ellie is having a very hard time with fatigue and they can't really figure out the cause of this. I am just feeling so badly for her and her family. Baby Cole is due on the 27th and I sure do hope that little Ellie will start perking up for her momma by then. Keep them all in your prayers please!!

Wow! What a day yesterday! Our friend Jim Fugle was ordained in Buffalo at the cathedral. We left way early to get there in time because Andrew was asked to sing in the choir. I had never been to the cathedral and was so excited. I have also never been to an ordination and was so excited to see Jim finally become Father Jim!! He has been working on this for such a long time and I was so proud of him for completing his dream!! The ordination was beautiful, the music was awesome and my lord the cathedral is absolutely beautiful!!

After that was done we drove to Rochester to pick Maddie up. We can finally say now that we officially made it through her first year of college. Boy did we learn alot and did we all have to grow alot!! I am so proud of her and I am just so darn excited to have her home for the next few months. Now if we could only figure out where to put her and all the massive amounts of stuff she brought home woth her!! I swear we didn't send her there with this much stuff!! We have been spending most of the day today trying to get her settled back into the house.

After we got back from Rochester we picked up the kids and went to our church so that we could attend Father Jim's first Mass. It was so neat to see. But I giggle because I can't believe that the Jim Fugle I know who sends the funniest of emails and who is quite the character is actually a priest!! He did a wonderful job though. A reception followed and we finally made it back home at about 10pm. I was so exhausted all I wanted to do was crawl into my bed and sleep. Which is exactly what I did.

The layout I am sharing today was made with my Swap your Stash stuff that I received from Karrie over at MMFY. Everybody sent a package of items that we had in our stash and then everybody is suppose to make a layout or an altered item to share. I loved the stuff in my stash...the rub on flowers were absolutely beautiful! I cut them out and put them on my layout with pop dots. I also colored them with markers. There is hand stitching on this one as well. It pretty near killed me to get all the stitching done with my terrible hands but I think that it was worth the pain. This is Abby and Max smooching.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get back into my scrap room. Have lots that I need to finish up this month and I am seriously behind.

Oh Yeah, the boys won their baseball game again on Friday...their record is now 8-2. One more division game left on Monday (if the rain stays away) and then playoffs will start on May 30th. It has been such an awesome baseball season!!

Have a great day everybody!!

Just had to share this because I was so proud of Andrew Thomas. He hit a homerun at the baseball game the other night. I was so glad because he has been struggling with his bat this season and there is nothing like a homerun to get your confidence up! The boys won 12-2 and that brings their record up to 7-2. We were suppose to play again last night but the darn rain came and just wouldn't let up so they postponed the game until tonight. Drew was not happy about it though because he is giving a final tonight at the college and he won't be able to make it. That is the sad part about Drew working at the college...he misses a lot of sporting events. I sure wish that we could do without the income but unfortunately we can't at the moment!

I also wanted to share this layout of Max at one of the baseball games in Myrtle Beach. He found himself a spot to watch the game and that is where he stayed for the entire thing. From the time this little guy was two weeks old he has been taken to every single event that his siblings participate in and he is truly their number one fan.
Please keep Ellie and Paige in your prayers....they are both struggling a little bit today. And also John Eric and his parents. I think the time is getting close for John Eric to earn his wings. Cancer truly does suck!!

Life has gotten back on track...the kids came home way late Sunday night from their trip to Chicago. They had a wonderful time and were able to do so many things. I love the pictures that Abby took while she was there. Lots of great scrapbooking materials!! They even brought home gifts for us all. What little sweethearts they are!!

Last night the boys had a game in Randolph. They won which now makes their recor 6-2. Pretty cool for just a team of sophomores!! I am loving it that is for sure. We go tonight to Catt/Little Valley....another long trip to play again. They lost to these guys earlier in the season so I hope that it is a better outcome tonight.

The sun is shining today but it is still so darn chilly. I am so anxious to get my flowers all planted and my herb garden going but we just can't risk it this early. Come on hot weather...I need you!!

This layout was created for a challenge over at MMFY where we had to scrap a picture or two with lots of green in it. I took these pictures of Max especially for this challenge. And the journaling talks about how I am just a little sad because on this day we registered him for Kindergarten. I just can't believe that my little sidekick for the last four and a half years is ready to go to school. Where on earth did the time go? I am jsut not sure how I will spend the hours in my day without him by my side. I know...I will adjust but goodness...he is my baby and I am going to miss him terribly.
I am off to scrap this morning and then later cook up some dinner to have waiting for us when we get home from the game. Have a great day everybody!!
This day makes me a little bit sad now that mom is gone but I know she is smiling down on all of us today (and everyday!) The day is kind of different because the house is so dang quiet without the three older kids. They all texted first thing this morning and gave me lots of love through the phone waves. Max has actually been a monster today. He was so bad in Wal Mart this morning after church that Drew had to take him out of the store. I think that he was just hungry and his blood sugar was down. We used to have this problem with Abigail but this last week is the first we have noticed it with Max. Drew took me to the Upper Crust for a cheese danish after church too...they are my favorites!! Last night we took his mom and dad to the Country Club for prime rib dinners to celebrate Mother's day and also dad's birthday. They are going to Maine over his birthday to spend time with Paige during her treatments so we wanted to make sure we got it in before they left. The dinner was delicious and Mr golf pro Max actually sweet talked the waitress (also owner of the club) to take him out and let him hit some golf balls. This kid can wrap everybody around his little finger. Now all he talks about is going back there again. My lord do we have the next Tiger Woods on our hands????

Went to the Amish yesterday and bought our flowers and veggies to plant later on (if it ever warms up!) I love going there to get our plants...they have the nicest plants around and are very inexpensive compared to the nurseries around here. We are planting a very large garden at Grandpa's house this year to help with our food budget. Gas is at 3.79 this week and it is really putting a strain on our pocket book. Drew and Max went over yesterday and got some of the heartier plants planted. I am excited about doing this this year. Remind me that I said that when the crops come in and I am canning my tail off!!

Talked to Niki on the phone friday...they are getting by. Poor Ellie is just so darn tired and very moody...who wouldn't be. So it is a bit of a strain on them all. I just hope things settle down for them a bit. Paige had a complication with her surgery yesterday and had to have another one to drain a hematoma. She stayed over night and will be home later today. Please pray for them both...this is just so hard on everybody.
I hope that everyone of you moms out there has a wonderful day!! I will share some more layouts tomorrw but for today just know that I am thinking of you all!!

Andrew and Abby left last night to go to a band competition in Chicago. Boy the house seems so empty...kind of makes me feel weird to think that in 3 years this is how it is going to feel the majority of the time. Anyways, they have so much planned for the 3 days that they will be there. I wish that we could have gone too...sounds like so much fun!!

I have gotten a bit of scrapping done this week and I am so happy to be back in the swing of things. This is my latest page...Max is such a willing subject!! He loves to have his picture taken and I am enjoying that while I can because I know soon enough he is going to tell me "No more pictures mom!"Speaking of scrapping....please stop on over the http://www.makingmemoriesforyou.org/

and check out all of the fun stuff going on over there. This is such an awesome site and if you are ever in any need of scrapping inspiration this is the place to go.

Ellie has started her radiation treatments and seems to be adjusting to them. Hopefully the doctors can get her other medications straightened out so she can feel good. My sister inlaw Paige had her surgery yesterday...she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She came through surgery fine but the tumor was pretty large. She will be having chemo soon and I guess that it will be a pretty powerful dose. Then followed by radiation. Please keep these 2 in your prayers. I know that they certainly could use all that they can get!!

I am going to get now...Max wants to play and I am more than willing to set aside my work and play with the little man!!

My friend Niki's life has changed so dramatically this past week and my heart is just breaking for her and her family. Her 5 year old daughter Ellie was just diagnosed with a Glioma brain tumor. It is inoperable as it is in her brain stem. She will be starting radiation treatments this week. I have been down this road myself with my mom's brain tumor. It is not a fun road to be on. And add to that Niki is pregnant with her third child who is to be born on May 27th by C-section. I just can't imagine what she is going through at this time. Please pray for little Ellie and for Niki and her family. We never know when life is going to throw something at you like this so just remember to live everyday and not let the little things get you down. God has his plans and we have to learn to live through them all both good and bad.

With that being said I had a rather mopey weekend and didn't get much accomplished. And it was National Scrapbooking Day on Saturday. I had big plans but alas not much was done. That is okay though because I spent a lot of time with my family just enjoying being together. Friday though I did get this layout done of Andrew Thomas. The picture was a boo boo that I took while we were in Myrtle Beach but for some reason it just caught my attention and I knew that I had to scrap it. So I did some artsy fartsy things with it and I really love how it came out. He thinks that it is pretty cool too so I guess that is what matters the most for me!!

I am going to go and try and work on some NSD challenges that were posted this weekend. I have until midnight to get them finished so I am hoping to do just that. Have a great day everybody and please remember to keep Ellie in your prayers. Thank you so much and I know that Niki will appreciate it very much too!!


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Last night Andrew and Abby made their Confirmation at our church. It was such a beautiful ceremony...lots and lots of kids. 55 candidates in all and that just makes your heart sing that in this day and age there at least 55 kids that I know of who are confirming their faith! With that being said it was such a long mass that poor Max fell asleep through most of it and missed all the beautiful music. Father Charles was disappointed that he didn't dance for the Bishop like he usually dances for all the Sunday Masses. But I was secretly happy that he stayed quiet and in his seat. Okay under the pew is where he actually was...sleeping. Andrew Thomas picked the saints name of Sebastian...who is known for his athleticism...who would have guessed!! Abby picked Rose for her name. Kind of fitting as well since that is her middle name. Grandma and Grandpa were their sponsors and I know that they were touched with that honor.

Today is such a chilly dreary day and I have been battling such a headache. I can't really seem to function and get much done. I am not having any luck with the Ibuprofen as it hasn't touched it one bit. I have so many scrappy things that I want to get done today but I just can't wrap my mind around doing any of them. I surely do hate these kind of days! I did do this layout that I am sharing with you today...yesterday, of Abby and her friends at a recent bon fire. They are always so funny when they get together. I love scrapping all of their pictures.

Okay....I am off for now. Please continue to pray for little Ellie as we have not heard any news about her MRI and I am very concerned for her and Niki. Also please say a prayer for one of my CarePage kids John Eric...his mommy and daddy have had to make a very hard decision this past week and he is now home in the care of Hospice. Poor little guy....cancer truly sucks and he is only just a little baby. How cruel is that?