The entire Pingitore crew minus Maddie (breaks my heart!)
The Pingitore siblings....a recreation of one done when they were little
Andrew Thomas and his football buddies with their awards for the awesome football season
Max the Builder!
Maddie, Doug and Sabrina....such a beautiful picture!!

So I have seriously been neglectful with keeping up on my blog. Well, a new year and new resolutions. These are resolutions that I plan on keeping and actually succeeding with. Creating everyday, keeping up with my blog, keeping up with my family through phone calls and letters and of course continuing on with our quest for better health and making sure we get those 35g of fiber everyday!!

Our Christmas was wonderful...albeit a bit different this year. Our first without Maddie. I did pretty good until she sent me a Christmas card that made me cry for about a day!! But...she is doing so well in her new life and I am so proud of her that it helps to take the sting out of her growing up on me! She has been doing well with school and her full time job as a resident counselor for Heritage Christian Centers. I think God has led her exactly where she needs to be at this moment. We were also blessed to finally meet a very special person in her life...Doug and his daughter Sabrina. We have heard so much about these two and it is so nice to finally know them and have them a part of the family.

Andrew Thomas is recovering nicely from his surgery. He is doing very well at PT and the doctor believes that he will make a full recovery and be at 100% in time for baseball this year. And he will definitely be good to go for his college football career wherever that may be. Many coaches recruiting him, which is exciting but difficult all at the same time. I am hoping that after his overnights with a few of the colleges one of them will jump out at him and he will know in his heart where he wants to go. Not only to play but to learn as the learning is the most important part!!

Abigail had a great season in volleyball this past year and she continues on with her JAVA travel team. She has an amazing spike and it is so much fun to watch her play. We keep hoping she will want to continue to play in college but she has just not decided yet if that is the way she would like to go. We shall see what happens after this years JAVA and of course her senior season next year.

Max is doing well too...he is very smart and loves to learn. He does however need to slow down when he writes as his handwriting is a bit atrocious! He is also not the neatest colorer in town but hey...he has other things on his mind. As Abby says "he doesn't like to be limited by lines" So I guess we will go with that one!! Hopefully over this break we will teach him to tie his shoes...we have been a bit remiss about that one as it is just so much easier to do it ourselves as we are running out the door to get to the many places we need to be. Fingers, toes and laces crossed on this one!!

Drew has had a great year as well. He continues to be an amazing teacher to his many, many students. It is so much fun to hear the kids talk about him and to know what a positive influence he has had on so many. He has also been officially published. His book hit the printers this past month after ummmm...many, many, many months of it being a work in progress with the publishing company. Not sure how successful the book will be but it is pretty exciting to be married to a published author!!

I have been well this past year too. It is a bittersweet year because it is Andrew's senior year and so many things will change and then following right after will be Abby's. But I need to remember to embrace these changes and look forward to the new things we will have in our life. Growing is always a good thing....I need to keep that in mind when I am feeling a bit blue.

There are so many things to talk about as we wrap up this year but I feel like I would be typing forever to get them all down. So instead I will just share a few pictures and promise that this year I will keep up on things a bit better!!

I can't believe that my last update was way back in August!! We have been so busy with life this past month that I just haven't had a moment to spare to write in my blog. So sad!! But I have reclaimed some of my life back now that the kids are squared away in school, the bathroom is almost completed and most of my house has been scrubbed clean of summertime wear and tear! I have even printed out some pictures to scrap later today which is something that I have not done in a long, long time!!

Quick updates...the football season for the boys has been off to quite a great start! They are currently 3-0 and hope to remain with the wins after this saturday's game against Gowanda. It has been so much fun and I have enjoyed cheering these boys on so much this season...knowing that it will be the last is bittersweet but we are trying to enjoy and savor every moment that comes!!

Volleyball is so much better this year than last year....Abigail has become quite an amazing little player for our team. She remains one of the top offensive players and has an amazing spike that people keep commenting on...I guess she does it an unusual way which is very hot according to coaches. I always knew she had it in her she just needed the chance to show everybody!! The coach is the same and although she is a bit more improved as far as learning the game of VB she has still a long way to go to learn how to deal with teenage girls. This has caused a lot of drama on the team but I am hoping the girls all learn how to deal with this and continue on playing as good as they are. They have only one league loss so far and we are a pretty damn good team if they keep their heads about them!!

Max loves first grade!! He is doing very well...needs to be a little neater with his writing skills but he is working on it!! He even received his very first 100% on his very first spelling test last week. Makes a momma proud!! that I made the first step in updating my blog I am going to go work in my scraproom and create...FINALLY! Thanks for stopping by!!

My baby girl is 16 years old today!! Unbelievable to me...seriously...where did my peanut go? So later on we are off to the DMV so she can get her permit and then dinner out somewhere of her choice. She is thinking Ruby Tuesday's...hope she sticks with that because it is one of my favorites!!

This past weekend we spent up in Olcott Beach at my brother Kerry's cabin. He took us all out on his amazing charter boat so we could catch some "big" fish!! It was such a wonderful weekend. Kevin, my other brother, the kids, Andrew and I plus our neices Margaret and Kelsie and nephew David all went. Aside from having to get up at the ungodly hour of 4AM!!!! to get on the boat we certainly enjoyed the experience. Margaret and Kevin were the big winners of the day with the largest fish over all. Max by far caught the cutest little fish. And David, well, he happened to be the one that lost the most fish...three to be exact. But he pulled it together after his sister caught hers and he was able to reel one in....a bit...okay a lot smaller than his sister but who cares....teheheheee. So I just want to say thank you to my amazing big brother Kerry who owns the Overboard Charters for giving us all such a wonderful experience on Lake Ontario. The kids are already talking about going again!! Oh and we grilled some of the catch of the day and it was awesome!! Can't get any fresher than that!!
Just wanted to get on here this morning and announce the winners to my blog giveaway! They did such a great job on their layouts and I am so happy that I was able to spur them on to get so many done!! The winners are ALicia (Txscrapper) and Boydsscrapper!! Congratulations!! Please email me at with your addresses so that I can get your prizes out to you!! Thank you so much for playing along with me!! I am personally behind on my own challenge but ummm....the bathroom has been taking wayyy to long!!

I have a prayer request. My brother is in need of many prayers right now. So without going into details please pray for his strength and well being. It has been a rough weekend for us and prayers are very very welcome!

Thank you all!!

Still Here!!

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I am still here....we have been remodeling our bathroom...the only bathroom in the house! So it has been kind of a nightmare at times but I know that it is going to be so worth it in the end. Consequently I have not been creating...not doing much of anything but being a gopher for Andrew while he works. It is coming along quite well and even though there were a few days where we had to go to my sister Lisa's to shower and ummm well use the has been ok.

Have quite a few people signed up for my giveaway. Tomorrow midnight is the deadline to post your links to your projects. I am so excited to see what everybody has made. Hopefully when the bathroom crisis is over I can once again get into my scraproom and create.

Have a great day everybody and thanks for stopping by!!
Okay...1 more down...only 16 left to go. I laughed so hard when the girls (Margaret is my niece) came out onto the deck where I was reading to show me how they passed some time while being bored. They were suppose to be frosting cupcakes but instead they frosted themselves! Those two...I can always count on them for giving me some scrapping material and inspiration.

Have a few people signed up for the blog giveaway. I have to tell you that it is really a neat feeling to look at what I already have and find ways to actually use it instead of wishing for other stuff. It has been refreshing!! I made my own flower embellishment for this layout and used letter stickers that I have had for awhile. I even used a brad!! I haven't used those in awhile. But everything is coordinated using Three Bugs in a Rug papers. Cute stuff!!

Tomorrow Drew comes home...Yeah!!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to sign up for the giveaway if you are a scrapper!!

Okay all of my scrapping friends...I am having a blog giveaway. And believe me that I have a lot to giveaway in my scraproom...all fun stuff I can assure you!! I have imposed on myself a no buying restriction until I create 20 items from the stuff in my stash. My challenge to you all is to create at least 5 items from your stash by midnight August 1 ET. All you have to do is leave me a comment that you are in and then when you complete all of your items leave me another comment with a link to where they are. I will draw a random winner from all who participate.....the more who participate maybe...just maybe the more winners there will be!! Your projects can be anything...layouts, cards, altered items...anything...just don't buy anything new to create them. USE YOUR STASH!! So come on everybody...join in the fun!! Can't wait to see your creations!!

These three layouts are my first ones done during my "restriction" 3 down and only 17 more to go...woohoo!! Max's last day of kindergarten was so much fun. I had to do a layout about how they were finally able to go down the big slide now that they were first graders. A silly rule in the school that kindergarteners were not allowed to go on the big slide. I coordinated the two layouts to go together using the same papers and a similar theme when I created the picture of his classmates on the playground bridge. I love the papers that I used...Penny Lane from My Minds Eye. Thought they were perfect compliments to the playfulness of the pictures. The third layout is Max during his first field day. He had such a blast and was just so thrilled to have his brother and hero there to help with all of the festivities. His face is priceless...pure 100% boy! How could I resist scrapping that one?

Today is a rainy, icky day...seems we have one good day and then a week of ick. Sure makes me appreciate those good days even if they are few and far between. A good day to stay inside and create I suppose. And I guess I should be happy that God is watering my gardens for me today. One less thing that I have to do. We even skipped swimming lessons although I did hear that they were going to cancel them. I just wasn't about to sit on the wet cold beach.

2 more days and Drew comes home...missing that guy so much!!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you scrapper buddies of mine join in on my giveaway!!

I Won!!

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Bo Bunny was having giveaways on their blog all last week. They showed their new paper lines and you had to leave a comment and had a chance to win. I was so excited to be one of the lucky winners. I am receiving some of the new paper from the Kitchen Spice and Flutter collection. I seriously can't wait until it comes in. I am laughing though because I made myself be on another buying restriction (after cleaning up my scrap room and realizing that I have more stuff than a store!!) But I get new stuff anyways...for FREE! Can't beat that I suppose!!

Last night we walked to the playground at the school and I couldn't resist some picture taking moments. These are just a couple but I am sure that you will see the rest in some upcoming scrapbook pages. We had a great time and the sun was even shining finally...although it was kind of cool. But probably a great temperature for some heavy duty playing!!

Andrew Thomas left for football camp yesterday and won't be home until Thursday. The house is quiet and just keeps reminding me of how it is going to be after next summer when both he and Maddie are out of the house. Half way to being empty nesters I guess. Not sure how much I like that idea!!

If I was hoping for life to settle down for the summer...I hoped wrong. But seriously I don't think that I would want it any other way. Too quickly life changes and so I am enjoying every bit of running around and being busy. Swimming lessons, baseball, weddings, volleyball, more baseball, shopping to keep food in the house for all of the kids that end up here....constantly moving!!

I did get to create however. I absolutely loved working with the August kit for Coordinates Collections. I can't share yet but I was really pleased with how everything came out. Her kits are amazing. Check them out if you are a scrapper!! I also made this canvas for another friend of Abby's. She liked the one that I did for Elysia so much that she has put in a few orders for her other friends birthdays. I loved this one...I am such a circle geek and I love all the Pink Paislee that I used on it. Just about everything was from Pink, love, love their stuff!!

Last weekend we went to a wedding reception for my nephew Colby. He was married in Indiana in June but they had a reception here in NY for everybody that was not able to make the wedding. Unfortunately we couldn't attend in Indiana because it was during crunch time here with school and baseball. They showed the video of the wedding and had a very yummy dinner afterward. My sister Linda and her husband Scott came up for the weekend from Kansas too attend. After we had a bonfire at our house complete with Pizza and Wings, S'mores and of course Gin and Tonics. We had to dodge a few rain drops and lightening strikes but it ended up being a very nice relaxing evening by the fire. We topped off the weekend by attending the "Fly In " breakfast at the Dunkirk airport with my dad, brothers and sisters. Max had a ball with all of the planes and he even had a chance to sit inside the Starflight helicopter. He wasn't exactly thrilled to do that though...I am not sure why it scared him. Hopefully he or any of us will never have to see that up close again.

We have also attended a couple of Jammers games and a Bison's game this summer too. I can't remember if I talked about that yet. But we have a ball watching baseball so everybody enjoys going and eating hot dogs and singing Take me out to the ball game!!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you get to enjoy this beautiful day!!
I hope that everybody has a safe and happy 4th of July!! We celebrated yesterday with Andrew's family and had fun in spite of the weather!! Today it is actually sunny so my smile has returned!! We even were surprised with a visit from Maddie and that made my smile even bigger!!

Thank you everybody who has made it so we can celebrate our independence today!! Everything that you do for our country is such a blessing to us all!!
Abby and Kelsey at Kel's graduation ceremony
Andrew, Abby, Kayla and sweet Nana who was the foreign exchange student from Denmark this year. This was the last time the kids were going to see her and they were pretty sad!
Andrew and Nate at Nate's graduation party. Nate and Nana are dating and Nate is planning on moving to Denmark to go to college and be with her. How sweet is that?

Remember that I told you earlier this month that I submitted a layout to be considered for winning the Guest Designer Spot at Coordinates Collections? Well, I WON!! So I get to be the Guest Designer for August and I can't tell you how excited I am because I just love this site and I love Jamie's kits and I am honored to have been chosen!! I can't wait to get my kit and work on my designs!!

I also won the CPS card sketch blog last week as well and I received in the mail the cutest stamp sets from 2 Red Banana's as well as a bunch of ribbon!! I can't wait to work with these new stamps as well!! I guess I have plenty to keep me motivated and in the creating mood this month!!

I have had the opportunity to take lots of pictures this past week as well. With grad parties, graduation, a Jammers game (which was rained out) and a Bisons game which was also rain delayed...not having much luck in the baseball department here lately due to all of our crappy weather!! But at least we have been busy and trying to enjoy the start of summer even though it really doesn't feel like it with the rain and chilly temps!!

I also spent yesterday accomplishing something that I have wanted to master for forever it seems. I have been crocheting since I was a little girl. My Grandma Mary taught me and I enjoy making blankets, especially baby blankets. I never did get to learn how to knit though and it has bothered me quite a bit. I have tried several times to teach myself and just didn't get it. Well, with a new found determination and a pretty cool website: Knitting Help, I think that I have finally figured out the casting on part and the knit stitch. Maybe today if I feel brave enough I will try and conquer the purl stitch. Now I certainly am not ready to follow a pattern and make anything of substance but it feels good to know that I have figured this out for the most part and hopefully can continue on and learn how to knit a pair of socks. That is my goal for this knit a pair of socks!!
Can you believe it? This little man is officially a kindergarten graduate!! It seems so unreal to me how fast this year truly has flown by. It seems just like yesterday that I was putting him on the bus for the very first time!! Now he is a seasoned student who loves school and thinks that riding the bus is the best thing ever!! Now I will have to think of plenty of things to keep this guy occupied this summer. Thankfully he loves to read so I am sure we will be making plenty of trips to the library!! First grade here we come!! Look out Mrs. Scudder!!
I decided to make Elysia's birthday card using this weeks sketch from Card Positioning Systems. This is sketch #120. I used all of the papers and embellies that I used in the canvas layout so that it would coordinate. It also used up my scraps which always makes me happy!! Okay, now I am off to wrap the gift and get it ready for the party!!
This is a canvas layout that I made for Abby's friend Elysia for her 16th birthday. I am so pleased with how it turned out. Elysia and her family have been friends of ours for a long time!! When Elysia was 9 her mother, my very good friend, was killed in an automobile accident 2 days before Christmas. She has faced to much in her life and yet she always has a positive attitude and is really quite an inspiration. I hope she likes this canvas...I wanted to showcase the friendship between the two of them!!

In my last post I mentioned that Andrew would be receiving an award at the Spring Sports banquet. I am pleased to tell you that he received the Holley-Brunson Memorial Award which is given for dedication, leadership, sacrifice and cooperation. We are so proud of him for winning this very special award!!

We finally have a boys 16-18 baseball league started this year. Last night was their first game and although they didn't win they really played very well. Our team is made up mostly of the Cassadaga Cougar team with a few other players from around the county. The team we played last night was made up of all All Star baseball players from the county. So they were an exceptionally good team. It was really cool to see our guys hold their own...even without a single practice before hand!!

School will be wrapping up for good next week. Abby and Andrew have one more exam on Tuesday. Max graduates from kindergarten on Tuesday as well but his official last day is Thursday. Andrew (hubby) has his last day on Thursday too. So then we can officially ring in SUMMER!! I sure hope that the weather gets back on track though because the last few days have been terribly rainy and chilly! I want SUMMER! I want SUN! I want HEAT! Is that too much to ask for?

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you all have a great day!!
For the Card Positioning Systems Blog Challenge 119 and....For a sketch challenge over at Coordinates Collections

It feels so good to actually be working creatively again. Here is to hoping that there is plenty more to come and that my creative drought is over!! Just in time for the summer right...where it is hard sometimes to get myself to stay inside the house but hey, if it means that I have to carry my stuff outside to the picnic table then by golly I will do just that!!

Nothing else is happening around here today except we have the Spring Sports Awards banquet to go to tonight. Andrew Thomas is suppose to win some award but he isn't suppose to know about that and we have no idea what it is either. We just got a letter from the school saying to please have him there. Guess I will have to let you all know tomorrow what it is.

Thanks for stopping by today!
His first roller coaster ride!
He just loved the paddle boats...of course he spent most of the time trying to get his friends wet!!
Driving all by himself this year!!
With one of his "girlfriends"

The school year is just about over...My Lord, where did it go? It just seems like yesterday that I was putting Max on the bus for the first time he is mere days away from becoming a first grader!! Andrew and Abby have just 5 full days left of school and then their wonderful regents exams to take the following week. Max graduates from kindergarten on the 23rd but his official last day of school is the 25th. We know who is teacher is going to be next year and I am thrilled to pieces because she was the other kids teacher too. I just love her!!

Last week I went with Max's kindergarten class to Midway Park and he had the absolute best time ever! I did however learn that my son is quite the ladies man! He spent a lot of time with the girls!! He was also able to drive the Bumper Car all by himself this year..imagine that...he is tall enough to reach the pedals. Let us just say that I am very thankful that there are quite a few years yet before he will be able to drive an actual car...he wasn't the greatest at steering quite yet!!

Abby joined a Sand Volleyball league this summer and her first game was last night. She just loved it!! I keep telling her that she could be the next Misty May....wouldn't that be a hoot!!

The sun is shining today and I am very happy about that! I have some weeding to do in the gardens and then I may just pull up a chair in the sun and read and relax and enjoy my peace and quiet before all heck breaks loose next week when everybody and their friends are all here!!

Well, I had hoped to be sharing the news that we were moving on in the playoffs but...unfortunately the Cougar Curse reared its ugly head in the final inning of the game last night. This was such a heartbreaking loss for the boys...I can't even begin to describe how much it hurt to see these boys lose this game. And the kicker of it was...they had it...they had it...but then they just fell apart. I can't even explain how that happened because it just was so unreal. So things are quiet around the house...not many smiles coming from Andrew Thomas. And as we left the game last night I said "Next year guys" but the real kicker is that we have only one more "Next Year" as this great group of boys who deserve so much will all be seniors. That can just tug at your heart strings just a little bit. But, we need to put things in is just a game....and it is what it is. Maybe in a little while the boys will all realize this and move on and quite possibly learn something from all of it. Here is to hoping and praying it doesn't take them too long to do just that.

My friend Lisa Monacelli took this cute picture of Max at last weeks play off game. He truly is the coolest bat boy around...her words but I have to agree with her. No matter what sport is being played he somehow ends up being the "Team Mascot" It is really quite cute to watch him with the boys...he just looks up to them so much!!

This past weekend was the Prom. Andrew Thomas went stag with a bunch of his friends. Thankfully he really isn't into a particular girl at the moment (something I can do without for awhile...teheheee) They had a great time and after the Prom the school hosted an After Prom Party all night which is great because it keeps the kids off the roads and helps keep them safe. Andrew had fun at that too and came home with a $25 cash prize as well as 2 free Bison's Baseball Tickets. Pretty cool I think!!
So after weeks and weeks of not even picking up a piece of paper...I finally created a card for the Card Positioning Systems blog challenge this week using sketch 117. Now, I am not entirely thrilled with what I came up with but I AM THRILLED that I created something finally. Maybe this will be the start of my creative comeback. Here's crossing my fingers and toes on that one!!

We had a beautiful Memorial Day weekend. On Monday we went to the Allegheny State Park with mom and dad and our niece Margaret for a day of fishing, hiking (gone bad for the two girls!!) canoeing and eating. It was a beautiful albeit kind of chilly day and it was so nice to just relax and not do much of anything. Lots and lots of people were enjoying the park that day. Max caught two fish...more than anybody else. He wasn't so sure that he liked fishing before that though because he said you just stand here and can't move around at all. But after hooking that first fish of his I think he was "hooked" Yes, I know, bad pun but purely intended!! Grandpa also said that he was an expert paddler in the canoe...he was so cute!!

Tonight the baseball team is playing in the quaterfinals of the playoffs. On paper these boys should win without a hitch but sometimes they forget to bring their all when it comes down to these important games. I sure hope tonight is not one of those nights and they win so they can continue on. I guess I will be crossing my fingers and toes for this too and saying lots and lots of prayers.

Other than that things have been really quiet here. Just trying to get my plants planted and finish up things that I want to do outside for the summer months. We had so many days of beautiful weather that I became completely spoiled. Fortunately for our gardens though we did get a bit of rain the last couple of days and even a few nasty thunderstorms. I wasn't happy to be stuck inside but it was much needed so I am not complaining!!

Thanks for stopping by today and I am promising not to be so much of a stranger anymore!!

I love this weekend....yes because I believe that we should all take the time to remember, thank and pray for our military...both past, present and future. Because of them we are allowed so much that we have in our amazing country.

This weekend also is a special because it begins all of the fun summer time activities that I so long for after such a long and hard winter!! Planting gardens, spending time outdoors, bon fires and being with the family outside enjoying the beauty that God has provided!!

We have been busy here in is now into the playoffs...hopefully we will have many more games to long as they win we keep on playing. Andrew and his friends Dan and BJ spent an amazing day in Cincinnati at the Bengals stadium last week for a football combine. They enjoyed themselves and had a chance to "strut their stuff" for their future college coaches. We have been getting many, many calls and letters from colleges all over the country interested in Andrew. It is exciting but overwhelming all at the same time. It makes me tear up just a bit knowing that next year is his last year here at home and after that....who knows but God what life will hold for him. I am excited and sad all at the same time!

Our weather has been just plain gorgeous here this past week and I have spent many hours outside in my gardens. Hoping to get out and buy some plants to put in today. But of course we are always busy and always on the go so I am not sure just how much I will be able to get done today.

I have not created in a long, long time...I did however print out a picture that I am mulling a layout over in my head. Hopefully I will be spurred to create...I can't explain the emptiness it causes me when I can't get myself create. I am sure it is much like a writer who isn't able to put words to paper. I sure hope it goes away soon!!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your time with family. Remember to hug a veteran and give them a big thank you!!

It has been a long time since I blogged last. Too long!! I just took a lot longer to recover from my incident then initially thought. Hopefully I am on the mend now and soon I can wake up without any sort of ailment!!

I don't know where to begin so I guess I will just start with Mother's Day. I had a wonderful day from start to finish....I woke up to my hubby's famous pancakes and went to sleep when the day was done with my son's awesome cheesecake in my tummy! And everything in between was wonderful too. I did have a moment of sadness while sitting in church and seeing a little girl in front of me with the most beautiful gingham dress on. It had adorable pink buttons and she had adorable black mary janes on. Why would this make me sad? Because it reminded me of all of the pretty little dresses that my mom would make the girls and it just made me miss her so terribly much! I can't even begin to count how many dresses she must have made. Each one was a little piece of artwork....she was an amazing seamstress!! I still have hanging in my closet the very last dress that she ever made...Abby's First Communion dress...I don't have the heart or the gumption to ever put it is a reminder to me of my mom and what an awesome mom she was. Eventually when the time is right I will give this dress to Abby for her own daughter to wear but for now it is a piece of my mom that I can't bear to give away.

Okay, I guess I got a little sidetracked there....We went to the Olive Garden with Andrew's family for dinner. The great grand parents, the grand parents and Drew's aunt and uncle from California. The biggest and best surprise was that Maddie drove down from Rochester to eat with us. I didn't even have a clue that the boys called her to tell her about it. That was a wonderful Mother's Day surprise for me!! Then of course because we were in the "big city" I was allowed to go to some craft stores and of course buy some new goodies!! Hopefully these new items will get me out of my crafty slump and help me get my butt in gear once again!!

On that note...I have a tiny little bit of exciting news...I won a layout contest for an online scrapbooking magazine!! You can click here to see the article. So my layout above has been published!! How cool is that!! This is a favorite layout of mine and it just warmed my heart that it was chosen. Made my crappy month just a little bit less crappy!!

I am going to go and create now in my newly cleaned and organized scrap room. Hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) I will have something new to share with you tomorrow!! Thanks for stopping by!!
I have been terrible about posting since being back but I have a good excuse. I had not really felt well ever since being back from sinus' were terrible and I was just not feeling like doing anything at all. Sunday my chin started swelling up and I had terrible pain in my mouth...of course I tried to treat these symptoms by myself because 1. I hate going to the doctor or dentist and 2. I hate being on antibiotics. Unfortunately though I was not very successful in curing my problem. I woke up Wednesday morning at 3am and my entire face from chin to ear was swollen, I had terrible cold sweats and just felt like my brain was not working well at all. I called my poor sister Lisa at 4am (don't ask me why I just didn't go upstairs and wake up Drew...cause I just don't know why I didn't) She came over and took one look at my face and marched upstairs to wake Drew up and have him take me to the emergency room. So off we go sinus infection decided to take up residence in my gum area around a tooth that had been broken. The doctor decided that he needed to lance my gum to get the infection out...omg...I have never in all of my life seen anything so gross as the stuff that came out of my mouth!! But as gross as it was it was an immediate relief of pressure and pain. So he sent me home with some awesome pain pills and super strong antibiotics. I am starting to feel human again and I have learned that I need to not let a sinus infection go for as long as I did!! Scary, scary stuff!!

Consequently, I have not created in weeks and I have really not done much of anything except try to get through each day. We did celebrate Andrew Thomas' 17th birthday last week. Watched a bunch of baseball games for the boys...which their record is now 2 and 2 in t he league. And the weather last weekend was absolutely gorgeous here so we spent many hours outside working on the yard and the deck. I have to say that this is the first time we have ever been able to pressure wash and seal our deck in April!! Of course the weather since has been a bit dreary and rainy...little bit of sun but kind of cool temps. I just wish that summer would get here already!!

Thanks for stopping by and checking on me...have had lots of people wonder where I was and that kind of makes me feel pretty good!! Have a great May 1st!!
This was what we woke up to every morning from our hotel room...gorgeous isn't it?
Soaking up some of that sun!!
Playing mini golf with the Oakes and Grandma and grandpa
waiting to go into Hooters....that was kind of a bust this time!

This is the front of our resort. We were on the 5th floor this year which was totally fine with me...the kids were not happy because they wanted to be higher!! Poor things!!
The boys are flying kites...kite flying is pretty awesome on the don't have to work too hard!!
Maddie, Abby and Max being cute on the beach!!
A little beach loving with Abby and Max.
Max blowing the bubbles that he got from the Easter bunny (yes the bunny found us!!) off of our balcony.

I am so sad that we are home....I just love the beach and it was so hard to pack up on Saturday and come back. We had such a relaxing time and enjoyed the days by the ocean and the sunny warm temps. We didn't do a lot of touristy things this year...mostly we stayed on the beach or at the ball games. We did get in a couple of nights of mini golf because Max wouldn't hear of not doing that!! All in all the trip was amazing and I am counting the days till we go again. I have warned my husband that as soon as he retires we are heading to the ocean to stay forever. So my goal in life now is to save enough for house on the beach!! (smile)

So I guess I need to try and get my bearings again and get back into a routine. It was hard to send everybody off to school this morning but I had lots of laundry and dog hair to take of today!! Hopefully I will get back into the swing of things soon!! By the way...our weather is crappy today here...what a stinking reality check!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I didn't bore you with my pictures. I can't wait to scrap some of these!!