It always seems that I fall behind in just about everything I do whenever the weekend comes around. This past weekend was no exception!! We had both a volleyball tournament and a wrestling tournament Saturday. Fortunately they were not too far apart from each other. Unfortunately....Andrew Thomas ended up pulling out of the tournament due to having the flu!! He wrestled 2 matches...won both but decided that it really wasn't worth it to continue wrestling feeling like he did. So he finished early and then Drew, Max and I spent the rest of the time at Abby's tournament. Where they were feeling the effects of the flu as really is hitting our part of the country pretty hard right now. Her team ended up taking 3rd which was not too bad considering they ended up with 4 less players by the time they played their last game. Thankfully this weekend we don't have any tournaments and we only have one make up wrestling match at home. Phew...I will feel like I am on vacation!!

Scrapping has been kind of non existent as of late. I did manage to make 2 cards this past week....the one that I am showing you today and another that I still need to photograph. I am hoping to get that done tomorrow so I can share that one as well. I need to work on my cards for Janice's family this week and finish up my Valentine Swap as well. I have a couple of places that I need to send examples of my work so I seriously need to get those things together and done before the deadlines. I just have been so out of motivation as of late...I think when Max and I were so sick last week with the flu it took all of my mojo!!

Speaking of sick...Max was sent home again today because his teacher just didn't think he felt right. He has been playing and eating and playing and eating since he got home so I just can't figure out why she thought that he was ill. He has no fever but he does still have his runny nose from last week. It is running clear though and most of that I believe is from his allergies. So it kind of puts me in a pickle for tomorrow cause if I send him will they just turn around and send him back home? Maybe we won't have to worry about it though because we are suppose to get a winter storm tonight and tomorrow. You know the one that is hitting the entire east coast!! At first they said it would miss us be just this afternoon they posted the warnings in our area. HHHmmmm.....and I thought we were going to get lucky.

And...I have included a picture of Abby from this past weekend going up for a spike!! She gets so high up sometimes it just amazes me!!

I have been scrapping for many years as most of you know that. I have been scrapping online for about 5 years and through this I have met (even if only "cyberly") many, many friends. I was deeply saddened yesterday to hear of the passing of one of my oldest and dearest cyber friends Janice. She and I met at ScrapJazz first and we have been following each other around the net ever since. She was one of the sweetest ladies that I have ever met. She was true to her faith, so very much in love with her husband, her family was everything to her and this was all seen through her wonderful layouts. I feel like I know her family almost as well as my own. She was always there to give you a compliment on a layout or words of encouragement when you needed to hear them. She was pretty uncanny that way always seeming to know when somebody needed a lift. Her daughter Rachel had the enormous task of letting each scrapping community that Janice belonged to know of her mother's death. I can only imagine how terribly hard that was for her. Not to mention that Janice had many, many scrapping places she called home. It was not long before the entire Cyber Scrapping Community was made of aware of her passing and not very long after that that people have gathered together trying to think of things to do for Janice's family. If you knew Janice and want to do something special follow this link to the Coordinate Collections Blog and Jamie has a few ideas there for all us to do.

I know that personally my life was made so much brighter by just knowing Janice and seeing her smiling face every time I logged onto my computer. She will be deeply missed by me and so many others out there. But I can imagine she is right up there with Jesus helping him make a scrapbook of his journeys. God Bless You Janice...I already miss you!!


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So Max and I have the flu!! Mine started Monday night and Max was sent home from school early yesterday....high fever, aches and chills, and just exhausted and miserable. Today he and I stayed home and cuddled on the couch and watched some movies. He actually started feeling better and we put on the wii to play. Of course I think we over did it a little because both of started feeling a bit crappy again this evening. I put him in the shower and now we are going to hang out on the couch and watch the Sabres. Hopefully I will stay awake for this one!! And....why oh why didn't we get our flu shots this year? Just rambling on about the what we should have dones!!

He won!!

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So Andrew Thomas wrestled at the PJ Morales Wrestling tournament in Falconer this weekend and he took first place in his weight class!! I was so excited and proud of him yet again. This is a special tournament that is held in memory of a friends of ours son who was an excellent wrestler at Falconer High School and who tragically lost his young life to menengitis several years ago. Andrew wrestled this tournament last year taking third place so I was really excited to see him win first this year. Of course this means 2 more days of my life sitting in a stinky gym with hundreds of sweatly wrestlers and 2 more days of sitting on very hard bleachers that really do a number on my rear end....but seriously....where else would I rather be?

Since I was not home this weekend there was absolutely no scrapping or creating in this house but that is fine....I will get back to that during the week when everybody is back in school. But I did want to share that my friend Vicki is teaching an online Sweetheart class endorsed by Prima Marketing. So you all know what that means....lots of yummy Prima products to play with!! Here is the link with more information. Vicki And YES....I am enabling you all!! I think that this will be such a fun class and I am so hoping to be able to take it myself....I mean seriously who wouldn't want to work with yummy Prima flowers!!

Have a great day everyone and for those of you dealing with snow yet again....stay safe and warm. I think I am just about done with the white stuff falling outside my pretty as it is I am just feeling the need for some sunshine!!

Boy has it been cold here in New York!! Yesterday the schools were closed due to the negative temps and wind chills. So we spent a cozy morning here in the house then had to venture out later on in the day for Andrew Thomas' wrestling tournament in Falconer. They were allowed to attend even though the schools were closed because it was due to temps and not hazardous driving conditions. He did well last night....he was seeded first so he had a first round bye...then in the second round he pinned his opponent in 39 seconds qualifying him for the semi finals today and then hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) the finals this evening. As much as I hate to watch him wrestle I want him to do well cause he just works so hard!!

I actually scrapped this week and it felt good to be scrapping for me again and no stress involved. I did this layout for a welcome challenge over at The Shaker Box I found this old picture of Max from a couple of years ago and I can't believe how much he has goodness he just looks like a chubby faced toddler...oh where did the time go!! See, this is why scrapping is so important and I need to remember to not let the ultimate goal of recording memories be lost in all the drama and competition. I mean really....scrapping is my way of recording for my kids and all who want to know...the journey of our life. That is what is truly important. The stories told, the memories of these precious moments in life...too important to let slide.
****And I want to mention that the papers I used in this layout are Basic Grey Obscure collection which I received from my awesome secret santa over at Coordinate Collections She spoiled me rotten and I am so excited to use all the things she sent me!!

On a different note... a sad all know my friend Niki and the battle that her daughter Ellie is facing with DIPG ( an incurable, inoperable brain tumor) Ellie has shown tumor progression and the MRI recently done this week has shown them that there is new growth in the original tumor area as well as another spot. They are running out of fact I am not even sure what options are available to them now that are recommended and not experimental. This is a terribly sad type of brain cancer...there are no answers for them and the doctors keep trying things but this beast keeps fighting back and harder each time. For Christmas Drew gave me a book that was written by the parents(Brooke and Keith Desserich) of a little girl named Elena. She had the same type of tumor and this book was actually their journal that they kept during Elena's journey. They wanted Elena's little sister to know everything about her because they knew how bad the odds were that she would survive. The book is called Notes Left Behind 135 Days with Elena. It is a terribly sad book to read because we all know the ending before you even start it. But this book also gives you a different outlook...hope and it reminds us all to live for each day and to enjoy the simple things in life....we don't need fancy cars and lots of money when all we really need to see is our children's smile. I never met this little girl....I don't know her parents....but she has changed my life in such a way and for that I am grateful. Now, the reason that I am recommending this book is that all of the proceeds go to helping find a cure for this disease. This is something that is desperately needed because way too many children are being diagnosed with this type of brain tumor and we really need to find a way to fight it for these kids. Please go to Ellie's website and leave some prayers for her and her family. They so desperately need them at this time.

Okay, I don't mean to leave you all on a downer but this has been a rough couple of weeks for a lot of my CarePage kids and I just hope that we can all help to make the goal of curing all childhood cancers a reality.

So today I turned 40!! And you know what? It truly doesn't bother me!! I wasn't sure what to expect when I woke up this morning and when I did I felt no different than yesterday. So even if my knees and elbows were a little creaky getting out of bed....I am just going to blame that on the ridiculously cold temperatures we are getting right now. I feel like I am still 20....but with a whole lot more wisdom then I had 20 years ago and for that I am grateful!!

I finally get to share my new DT work for The Shaker Box This kit was amazing and filled with so many goodies that I still have so much to work with. Linda really knows how to make a kit!! Check out her newly reopened forum and see all the neat things that we have in store for all of you. Her hubby just had surgery yesterday so things are slowly getting put together but we plan on having a huge grand reopening in March. Should be pretty exciting....stay tuned for more details.

The little altered can that I made was actually an after Christmas bargain. It was filled with red and green gum balls but I took those out and made a neat little Valentine Gift container. I think I am going to fill it with some of my homemade sponge candy and give it to my sweetie. I made the card to coordinate with it as sweetie is my best friend and I can't wait to surprise him with these. Of course he will probably complain that I am making him fat with the candy but hey....Valentine's day is all about the chocolate isn't it????
My friend Jill, who by the way shares the same birthday with me.....gave my blog a makeover!! I am so excited about the next couple of hours/days...however long it takes me will be spent getting it where I want it to be with all my pictures and doodads. So please be patient and bear with will all be worth it guys!!

Just so you all know Jill is the best and she spent hours today helping me find a template that I liked and then once I did find one she did all the extremely techno stuff for me cause you all know how computer illiterate I can be. I think she did a fabulous job and I can't thank her enough. She says I owe her a Starbucks Mocha....I think I owe her a whole lot more!!

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Well, it has been a busy and hectic first couple of weeks of the new year. On the family front we had wrestling tournaments, volleyball tournaments and lots of family time. This past weekend we went to Bradford, PA for Abby's first JAVA tournament. It was a new experience for all of us but you know it was really actually a lot of fun. The girls did very well for their first time actually playing together....they went undefeated through the first 3 games then lost one game and went on to the semi finals. They kind of broke apart though during that game. Not sure what happened but I know their coach will get it all straightened out. I have to say one thing and believe me I am not bragging I am just in awe....Abby is an awesome volleyball player...she just has it all and it was so nice to see her playing and playing so well after what the "barbie" doll did to her. Her JAVA coach is absolutely incredulous about what happened and really hopes that I go in to the school and give them a piece of my mind. I feel justified in doing so now after seeing Abby play saturday.
The only draw back about the tournament was the extremely horrible weather we had to deal with. Interstate 86 was 25 mph traffic and absolutely horrible conditions. I am not even sure a plow went through there once! Of course NYS is trying to save some money because our higher authorities don't have a clue how to budget but the risk of peoples lives. Come on Governor Patterson....don't be worried about saving people from the evils of sugar while letting them risk their lives on the roadways. Oops....sorry for the political venting.

Andrew Thomas also participated in two wrestling tournaments these past two weeks. He took first place in both which is pretty exciting. I am still not a happy camper when he goes out onto that mat but I am a tad bit more peaceful about it. He has a tournament coming up in couple of weeks and possibly next weekend if he decides to wrestle in that one.

We took Maddie back to school yesterday (yes, we were in the car a lot this weekend....over 400 miles worth!) and I am a bit sad today. I lost my Wii partner!! We had such a great time with her home and I really enjoy her company....she has a spirit about her that just makes me smile. I miss that when she is gone....the house is just a bit too quiet!!

Now onto my scrapping life....I am no longer designing for the site I was previously working for. There were shall I say it......Complications would be a good word I guess....with the site owner. She just seemed to create a very unhealthy situation for me and a few others so we bowed out as quickly as we had the guts to do so and it is honestly the best thing that could have ever happened!! I now design for a wonderful woman Linda from The Shaker Box kit club. She makes the most amazing kits and I am loving working with them. She has reopened her forums as well and lots of my old scrapping buddies that were lost due to unmentionable reasons have now found their way to their way to The Shaker Box and I am so excited to be reunited with old friends that were very dear to my heart. One thing I learned in all of this is that I don't deserve to be treated the way I had been treated. And I learned a lot about friendship and how truly amazing it can be. Look out scrappy world.....there is going to be a brand new bunch of ladies rocking it!! I will keep you all posted as how my new endeavors are going and in the mean time why don't ya come on over to The Shaker Box and take a look around. The forums are just starting and there is a long way to go with them but is going to be awesome!!