This was what we woke up to every morning from our hotel room...gorgeous isn't it?
Soaking up some of that sun!!
Playing mini golf with the Oakes and Grandma and grandpa
waiting to go into Hooters....that was kind of a bust this time!

This is the front of our resort. We were on the 5th floor this year which was totally fine with me...the kids were not happy because they wanted to be higher!! Poor things!!
The boys are flying kites...kite flying is pretty awesome on the don't have to work too hard!!
Maddie, Abby and Max being cute on the beach!!
A little beach loving with Abby and Max.
Max blowing the bubbles that he got from the Easter bunny (yes the bunny found us!!) off of our balcony.

I am so sad that we are home....I just love the beach and it was so hard to pack up on Saturday and come back. We had such a relaxing time and enjoyed the days by the ocean and the sunny warm temps. We didn't do a lot of touristy things this year...mostly we stayed on the beach or at the ball games. We did get in a couple of nights of mini golf because Max wouldn't hear of not doing that!! All in all the trip was amazing and I am counting the days till we go again. I have warned my husband that as soon as he retires we are heading to the ocean to stay forever. So my goal in life now is to save enough for house on the beach!! (smile)

So I guess I need to try and get my bearings again and get back into a routine. It was hard to send everybody off to school this morning but I had lots of laundry and dog hair to take of today!! Hopefully I will get back into the swing of things soon!! By the way...our weather is crappy today here...what a stinking reality check!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I didn't bore you with my pictures. I can't wait to scrap some of these!!
So this morning we woke up to lots of snow! Not at all what I wanted to wake up to but it is what it is. You would think that after living my entire life in western NY that I would be used to this by now....apparently I am not!!

I did spend some time creating today and I made this card for the Card Positioning Systems blog...using sketch #110. This truly was a card made up of bits and pieces that I had laying around. It is so fun to see what you can make with what might just have been thrown away. I like how this one turned out alot...I am loving the yellows and brightened up my mood since it is such a dreary snowy day.

I started to pack today...figured that there was absolutely no chance we were going to need to wear shorts and summery things this week so I might as well get them packed up. I thought that I was going to be good this year and limit what I take. Ummmm...that is really hard to do. I keep telling myself that we have a washer and dryer in the room and I can wash the clothes and wear them again really isn't working. You just never know what you are going to need or better yet...what you are going to feel like wearing. Guys have it so easy and all they do is complain about how much we pack!! Hopefully I will figure out a good compromise or else I will be hearing about it when we pack up the van.

Thanks for stopping by today...I hope that you have sunshine where ever you are and if you do....think of me when you are outside in it!!
Just a super quick card that I did for Inspirational Card Sketches...nothing fancy and certainly nothing too exciting but I needed a quick card for a little boys birthday coming up and it is Max's best buddy who just happens to love frogs!! This is another great challenge blog with lots and lots of inspiration!! I will probably be spending more time over there too (smile)
First off I just wanted to say toot toot!! The girls took first place in their final tournament yesterday!! What a way to end the season!! I am so proud of all of these girls...they really played hard and stuck at it through everything!! I am going to miss them all and I am looking forward to next year!!

Another cool thing that happened yesterday was....Most of you know that I am HUGE Sabres fan and yesterday who should be watching his daughter play in the same tournament that my daughter was playing in? Lindy Ruff...for those of you who don't know who he is...he is the Head Coach of the Sabres. I just thought that it was so cool that the guy I see on tv all the time was spending his Sunday the same way that I was!! I tried to get Max to go over and do what Max does with everybody because I figured then I might actually get to talk to the guy but Max chose yesterday to be shy for the very first time in his life!! He was even wearing his Sabres sweatshirt and everything. But he recognized who Lindy was and wanted to go over there but only if mommy went too...ummmm....nope!! Of course my father inlaw said that maybe he should be wearing a mask...Lindy that is...because the Sabres have all but lost any chance of making it to the playoffs this year. But I still love them...even if they make me cranky!!

Now as for my lists...I am a list maker and today I have about 20 of them going to get ready for the trip. I am always afraid I am going to forget something which is really kind of dumb because anything I forget I suppose we could just pick up while we are down there but....It is just the way that I am. I also have lists for sister who will be taking care of my animals and lists for the neighbors who will be watching the house. I am sure that they will all think that I am a little crazy but writing everything down really seems to settle my mind. We have decided (for which I am very grateful!!) that we are going to leave Friday and only drive about half way down then find a hotel to stay in overnight. This makes me feel so much better knowing we are breaking it up into two days....I think Max will be happier and I also think it will be more relaxed and won't take us a couple of days to recooperate. So that is the plan for today. Can you tell that I am getting excited!!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope everyone has a great day!! We have snow coming this afternoon and tonight...they are measuring this snowfall in quite a bit of inches...I so hope that they are wrong!! But remember...I told you this would happen because we took those darn snow tires off that darn van!!
This card was made using sketch #23 from 2 Sketches 4 You. The flower that I used actually came from a piece of lace and I just cut the flower off. I like how it turned out and of will be used for one of the weddings coming up this summer! I was hoping to get another card done for another blog challenge but hubby came home yesterday early and well....that just kind of throws my days off...kwim?

Today the wrestlers are hosting a dodge ball tournament. So I am getting ready to spend the day selling concessions as well as praying that nobody gets hurt!! We did this last year and it ended up being a lot of fun and no injuries whatsoever but.....I still worry about broken bones and blood when you get a bunch of teenage boys together throwing balls at each other!!

Tomorrow we will be heading up to Buffalo for Abby's last tournament. Bright and early....7AM...not too happy about that but is the last one I suppose! Unfortunately our weather has taken quite a bit of a turn for the worse. We have snow in the forecast for this weekend as well as the beginning of next week. I am now more than ready to hit the road for some sunshine!! Less than a week and we take off....just can't wait.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you all have a super great Saturday!!

To card challenge blogs that is!! I created this card today for the Card Patterns sketch#8 challenge. I at first thought that this would be an easy sketch but 2 hours later I am finally done with it. Not sure why it took me so long...I just kept switching things out and redoing everything. I think I like how it turned out....finally!! We have four weddings coming up this summer and I am getting my cards out of the way so that I am not frantically trying to come up with something on the day of each one. Maybe that is why I am enjoying these challenges so much!!

Yesterday the boys did end up having their baseball game. The weather was just beautiful...the field a little muddy as told by my son's white baseball pants when he was done. Who on earth would pick white baseball pants...I just don't think he was a woman!! They lost the game but it really wasn't that bad. This being one of the few times that they were actually playing outside on a baseball field and not inside a took a little time to get the kinks out. But by the end of the game their throws were right on, catching was awesome and they just kind of got it together. They are suppose to play again tonight but it is raining pretty horridly today. Still waiting to hear if it will be a go or not. I love baseball but even I don't like it when it rains!!

Abby's last practice for JAVA is tonight. She is kind of sad and I guess I have to admit that I am going to miss it as well. She has a tournament bright and early Sunday morning in Buffalo and this will be their last one for the season. I am pretty sure that she will be doing this again next year so we can look forward to that I guess.

Thanks for stopping by today...I hope you enjoy your day. I am off for a walk in the rain. It sure beats my walks in the snow that is for sure!!