So today I am 41....I don't feel 41 and I don't feel at all bad that I have made it to the 40+ ers as my husband informed me this morning. I am embracing a new year of life and I am going to enjoy all that it brings my way! I get a little sad though thinking that the woman who gave me life is no longer here with me to celebrate but I am always thankful for what she gave me and still gives me today as everything that I am is because of her!

What I am I doing to celebrate this day...well, I haven't really thought about that yet. The kids are so busy with school and extras and as always money is a little tight after the holidays so I really don't want to go out to eat and waste money or sabotage my diet. I know that my sweetheart is going to make me a cake with his new mixer from Christmas and I am a bit excited about that. Other than that I think it will be a quiet night at home with my family whenever they get home and a Sabres game. Maybe even pop some popcorn! Oh and maybe even some special hot cocoa. I don't need a lot to make me happy!!

Saturday though I am going to get my hair done. It is a long awaited reward for getting something taken care of last year that I had put off way too long. SO I am going to get my hair cut....I am thinking short because right now it is down to my butt and the only way I can stand to wear it is a pony tail. So I am thinking of going drastically different! Let's see if I have the guts to do it!

And I have been faithful with my resolution of creating everyday. I have started a long term project of a beautiful afghan in a creamy oh so soft yarn. It is done up in little 4x4 squares of which I have to make a ton of! Then painstakingly sew them all together. I usually just crochet one piece afghans so this is something different for me but I really think the end result will be so worth the work!! I also scrapped this adorable photo of my cousins daughter and grandson. When I received it in their Christmas card this year I just knew that I had to scrap it. And....I am thinking of opening an ETSY store. I had been very successful on EBAY when I had my store but I just  needed a break and ended up closing it. This time I am looking more at making embellishments and little pieces for scrapbooking rather than the larger projects that took so much time and stressed me out. I am still not sure but I am in the thinking process of it now. I will have to research further to see if it would really be worthwhile.

So I thank you for stopping by today and I hope that you have a wonderful day filled with many blessings! The sun is shining here and we are over 30 degrees...God is really smiling down on me today!!
Oh My!! It has been so long since I have created a layout! I felt so rusty at first but I think I finally got myself in tune with my inner creative me! I had this picture of Max and Abby sitting on my desk for months...I loved the picture...their tan faces, the warm sand background. It was a fitting picture to scrap after the nasty weather this past week and the cold and snow....and a long time away from sun and warm and sand!! That is why I named it...."Dreaming of those Summer Days" I have to say too that I was inspired to create this because I actually got onto Coordinates Collections yesterday for the first time in forever and found their "In with the new and out with the old" challenge. Use something new and something old....I have plenty of old and I just so happened to go to JoAnn's after Christmas and picked up these pretty papers from K&Company. So I finished a layout, completed a challenge and actually posted it on my blog. How is that for keeping up with my New Year's resolutions?

As for the has been quiet yesterday and today but I guess some snow is coming later tonight and tomorrow. I really don't know how much because they never get it right so we all just wait and see what the day brings with it. I know my poor brother and sister out west are getting hammered again. I have asked them to please keep it there or at least send it in a different direction but somehow I don't think that all of my pleading will work. It is beautiful and It WILL Melt...keep telling myself that so I keep a happy disposition!!

And....for any of you who are thinking about getting the Wii Fit Plus....DO IT? Oh my gosh I have never had so much fun exercising. I have even lost a couple of pounds (not just using the wii, but through diet and walking as well) but it is a lot of fun, it makes sure that you keep balanced so you use your core muscles and even though it is kind of mean and gave me a chubby mii.....I think that it is a great tool for working out (especially when there is 3 feet of snow outside!) Here is to getting a much leaner and fit mii really soon!!

Have a great day people...hope you are all keeping your resolutions too!!

This is our Christmas tree that just put outside the morning of the nightfall you couldn't see any of it!
My picnic table is under there you can't even see that there is anything there!

I really thought that we were going to have such an easy winter this year. I mean we didn't have hardly any snow fall during November or December. And I laughed because my brother in Nebraska and my sister in Kansas had far more snow then we did which is pretty unusual. But alas, I joked too soon and we were hit this past weekend with more than 3 feet of snow in my backyard. And to this day it is still falling although not as much but definitely filling up the driveway yet again. I am not a fan of snow or should I say cold weather...I am just so much happier when it is 80+ and sunny but I am not going to let it get me down this year. It is beautiful to look outside in the back where it has been untouched and it is so pretty to watch it fall outside the window...kind of like I am in a snow globe. SO I am going to enjoy the beauty of it for now and try to remember that eventually it will melt!!

I have been having fun cleaning and organizing the house now that the kids and hubby are back in school. I am getting rid of junk and lots of it. I don't need this much stuff and I really need to declutter for my sanity! The snowy weather has made it easy to stay inside and get these things done. I have also made good on my resolution of creating everyday. So far it has been crocheted dishcloths. Not sure why I picked this for my first project of the year but I did need new ones and it has been fun to make my own. Saves a little money too and I know that they will last a bit longer then the ones you buy in the stores. Today I am even thinking of getting in my scrap room and getting some layouts done or at least starting the process. I have to find some space first cause ummm....that room was used as a catch all over the holidays. But I am grabbing my garbage bag and heading in!!