I can't believe that my last update was way back in August!! We have been so busy with life this past month that I just haven't had a moment to spare to write in my blog. So sad!! But I have reclaimed some of my life back now that the kids are squared away in school, the bathroom is almost completed and most of my house has been scrubbed clean of summertime wear and tear! I have even printed out some pictures to scrap later today which is something that I have not done in a long, long time!!

Quick updates...the football season for the boys has been off to quite a great start! They are currently 3-0 and hope to remain with the wins after this saturday's game against Gowanda. It has been so much fun and I have enjoyed cheering these boys on so much this season...knowing that it will be the last is bittersweet but we are trying to enjoy and savor every moment that comes!!

Volleyball is so much better this year than last year....Abigail has become quite an amazing little player for our team. She remains one of the top offensive players and has an amazing spike that people keep commenting on...I guess she does it an unusual way which is very hot according to coaches. I always knew she had it in her she just needed the chance to show everybody!! The coach is the same and although she is a bit more improved as far as learning the game of VB she has still a long way to go to learn how to deal with teenage girls. This has caused a lot of drama on the team but I am hoping the girls all learn how to deal with this and continue on playing as good as they are. They have only one league loss so far and we are a pretty damn good team if they keep their heads about them!!

Max loves first grade!! He is doing very well...needs to be a little neater with his writing skills but he is working on it!! He even received his very first 100% on his very first spelling test last week. Makes a momma proud!!

Ok...now that I made the first step in updating my blog I am going to go work in my scraproom and create...FINALLY! Thanks for stopping by!!