What a crazy hectic week we have had. I am looking forward to doing absolutely nothing this weekend. I started it out by actually sleeping in until 7:17!! It felt so good to sleep. My Sabres lost their game in overtime last night so I went to sleep pretty bummed. I still have faith but I will admit it is being rocked just a bit.

I managed to complete all of the challenges over at MMFY for this month. WooHoo I am so excited for me. I worked all day yesterday and popped out the last 3 that were due. All of this scrapping has gotten me a tiny bit exhausted so today I think that I am just going to clean my scrap room and try to get it organized for the next month of challenges and contests. I have a couple of new sites that I joined too so I am planning on being very busy!! I can actually share a couple of layouts with you today since they are not for my DT assignments. The first one is for a challenge over at MMFY where we had to use oversize brackets on our layout. I didn't have any so I made my own using the computer. Very simple to do and very cost effective. I just found the font I wanted and enlarged the size to a very large size, printed it out and then used that as a template for cutting out my patterned paper. I absolutely adore those sweet cheeks of Max's in this picture. Just want to pinch them over and over again!!The next one that I did was for a challenge over at Coordinate Collections where we had to borrow someone else's layout and lift it for our own. I just loved the one that I lifted from DMisner and I am so happy with how this came out. That is Abby when she was 2. What a cutie she was!!
The musical has two showings today and then they are done. Thank goodness...I miss Andrew Thomas so much...it seems like he hasn't been home in weeks between baseball and the musical. They have an all night cast party after the last showing and so I imagine I won't be seeing him too much tomorrow either. He is having fun though...a little worn out but having fun!!
I am going to go start my day. I do have one request before I go. I have a very dear friend Stephanie, she has been battling cancer for awhile now and she believes that she is losing the fight. Please pray for her and her family...I know all to well what her family is going through at this moment and it just breaks my heart. Stephanie is one of the strongest people that I know. She has been through so much and through it all she has always had a smile on her face. I am praying that when her time comes that my momma will be there waiting for her and between the two of them I will have two very special guardian angels looking over me!
We went to see that last night at the highschool. Andrew is doing stage crew for this. It was pretty cute! Max actually stayed awake for it and I think that he enjoyed it. He clapped after all of the songs and at the end. There was a moment when he asked if it was time to go home but I think that he was just getting tired. I am not sure that we will go again only because it is cute but it is one of those "you only have to see once" kind of shows. The music is outstanding as always...Mr. Cross is an amazing artist and his pit band really knows how to a rock the stage!!

I have done very poorly on scrap challenges this month but you have to give me a tiny bit of a break...the computer crashing really caused a lot of headaches. I do however just about have all of my Design Team assignments completed for MMFY. I will be uploading them on the 1st and then I think that I am free to share them with you all. Today I am going to try and finish up my challenges for MMFY and maybe Coordinate Collections...just not sure how much I can accomplish today.

Tonight we have a meeting for Myrtle Beach. I am so excited about this vacation. Andrew really needs some time to just veg out...he is exhausted from all the troubles at work these last few months. And...we had to take him to the doctor the other day because he had some strange infection in his arm that we have no idea where it came from. They think that it is either cellulitis or another itis that I can't spell. Anyways he is on some pretty strong antibiotics but I am not sure if they are helping or not. It is a really strange thing. So I for one feel that he really needs a vacation...even though he is worried about spending money. Our gas prices are $3.40 and the cost of food is rising so fast too. But you only live once and life is to short not to take this opportunity.

Hopefully I will have some things to share with you all later today or tomorrow...so here is to a wonderful day everybody!!

Hoping that everybody had a Blessed and Happy Easter weekend! I have to say that although it certainly didn't feel like Easter here in western NY...I think that we got up to a whole 32 degrees during the day...it was a beautiful weekend! I just love the way that our church does their Easter Vigil mass saturday night. It is just the most beautiful celebration ever! The music is amazing and the flowers in the church...it just made me so happy and certainly put me into the easter spirit. Something that I had been lacking. Max was adorable....he held his very first candle during the fire ceremony. And I was a little nervous, constantly having my eye on his candle...but he did great. He was so very proud if himself. Then he promptly fell asleep for the remaining 2 hours of the mass. He woke up just in time for Father to give him his easter treat. We got home about 11:30 pm and then I played the easter bunny, filled all the baskets and then Andrew hid them for the kids. When we woke up they had a great time finding them...okay Max had a great time, the other 3 went along with it to make their mommy happy. We spent the day at grandma and grandpa's...ate way too much food and somehome I came home with 2 extra kids last night. David and Maggie are over because there is no school today for easter monday.

Today I have to take Andrew Thomas to the doctor to figure out why his shoulder is not getting any better. Madeleine just left to go back to college with grandpa who so graciously agreed to take her. Drew had school today and with my hands as bad as they are I just can't drive for 4 hours straight. So I am so thankful to have them help out.

The girls and I took some funny pictures over the weekend of the three of us. I can't wait to scrap them. I hate, hate, hate getting my picture taken but it is what it is (meaning me) and I just have to deal with it. The girls as always are gorgeous!!
I am going to start my day and try to get a few things done before we head into Jamestown. I have some DT assignments that need to be finished this week so I am crossing my fingers that I can get them done in time for the 1st.
Have a great day everybody!!
I know that it is suppose to be...but it just doesn't feel like it! I didn't even buy new outfits for anybody this year to wear to church. We always go to the Vigil mass Saturday night and the weather is suppose to be about 20 degrees. No sense in pretty easter outfits if you can't wear them! There is still a bit of snow on the ground too so I think that we are going to have our annual easter egg hunt in the house. Just doesn't feel right this year.

Maddie is home again. It sure is nice having the house full again. No peace and quiet but I sure do love it that way!!

I received my DT kit from MMFY this week and now that the computer issues have settled down I am anxious to finish my requirements. Kelly's kit was as expected...awesome!! My favorite part of her kits are the little embellishments baggie inside. Each thing in there is like a tiny treasure and I love it!! She must have such a ball picking out all the little details to complete the kit. And she has such a knack. I did manage to finish one layout last night and have another all ready to go when I get a minute later today. Can't share them with you until after April 1st but I will be sure to post them here when I can.

And because at the moment I don't have my hard drive recovered yet...I don't have a single thing to share with you today since everything is on that darn drive. Drew promises to work on it as soon as he goes back to work. I am still praying that everything is still in there somewhere and he will be able to retrieve it and put it on my new computer. And I just have to say I am in love with my new computer...I can't believe how fast it is!! You know...technology can be so frustrating sometimes but when you don't have it life is certainly so much more complicated!!

I am off to watch the Sabres game and spend some time with my very loud, guitar hero playing family!!
Lets try this size....you will all have to let me know which one you like!!

or not...

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maybe this one will be better
I keep meaning to remember to change my font size so that it is not so tiny...I am hoping this does the trick!

up and running now! Boy this has just been such a headache for us. But all the software has been installed and I am still waiting for Andrew to try and recover all of the stuff on the hard drive that wasn't backed up. He is just so busy this week with both schools and of course this is Holy Week and he is singing in the choir for the next 4 days at church. I am waiting with much anticipation my first sniff of the ocean...let me see the count down is....23 days!!! Woo Hoo....I cannot wait. Especially since we woke up to a few inches of snow this morning!! We are definitely going to need to do a shopping trip in the near future for some shorts and flip flops!! Oh my, I can't even imagine being able to wear flip flops again!!
This is one of the layouts that I completed during my "no computer" time. Amazing what I can accomplish around the house when I am not on the computer!! (grin) I can't help it...I love to be on the computer and see all the wonderful stuff there is to see!! I was having serious withdrawl issues. My family was of no help either...they just shook their heads at me. Anyways, this layout was done with my new stitching templates and let me tell you I had a ball with them. Hmmm...think I am going to have to get some more in the very near future. Oh wait...I am on a spending ban until we get back from vacation (okay until we go on vacation because I have found a LOT of scrapbooking stores in Myrtle beach that I plan on going to (Big Grin) Maddie and Abby look so little in this picture...my goodness I can't believe how adorable they were. Funny though that when they were that little all I can remember is being exhausted....3 kids that close together and Andrew working so much so I could stay home with them...well that just = exhaustion!!
I am going to go and scrap some more today but I wanted to make sure that I could get this uploaded to make sure that all things are good to go for the future!***Remember to always back up your computer*** that will be my motto for the next little while I am sure!!

I have been absolutely nuts the last two days! Our computer crashed!! Out of nowhere...just shut down while we were on it and never ever ever booted up again! Talk about some very upsetting moments! I have to say...I think that I am addicted to this darn thing...it was very hard to go through the last two days without checking all of my favorite sites and reading my email. But thankfully tonight we went and bought our new computer!! And it is awesome...it is soooooooooo much faster than my old one and way cooler. The only downside is that I have lost all of my email contacts so please everybody....send me an email so that I can update my address book. Thank you so much...I can't stand having an empty book! I am a little worried that we may have lost some of the stuff on our hard drive from the last month because although we bought an external harddrive Drew uses that for his laptop as well and he had been transporting it back and forth to school for the text book that he is writing and well, long story short we hadn't back upped in about a month. He is taking it to the tech person tomorrow to see what if any we can recover. I know that there are a few pictures that I will be devastated to have lost but believe me I have learned my lesson and I will back up this computer daily...twice daily!!

Which reminds me...Michelle...if you are reading this which I hope that you are (smile) please email Stephanie's address to me because I lost that in the crash as well. I need to get something out to her this week. Thanks so much I appreciate it very much.

I am going to get going now because we still need to install some software and try to figure all of this new stuff out. I know that I am going to have a much better morning tomorrow because I can have my coffee and surf the net! Thank Goodness!!

Oh my gosh...I am having the absolute best time over at MMFY! We are having an online crop filled with games and tons of challenges...lots of prizes and may I add that I have won a few!! It is just so much fun over there!! Here is a layout I did for a challenge this morning...I have had these pictures for awhile and hadn't gotten a chance to scrap them but then this challenge fit them perfectly! Love when that happens!!

We are so excited too...we get to stay in Myrtle Beach for the entire week! God bless my husband...he got someone to cover his classes for him (we will pay him of course but it is so worth it) I never thought that he would agree but he surprised me big time. Still working on getting Madeleine to be able to come...I can't imagine taking a vacation without her. Maybe she can work something out with her professors!!

I am going to go on back to my crop now....can't seem to stay away. Come on over and check out all the awesome talent in the gallery!! You won't be disappointed!!

Just feeling a little blue today...we took Maddie back last night. It sure doesn't get any easier saying good bye. I really thought that it would by now but it doesn't. The trip was uneventful. Lots of sunshine and completely dry roads. Far cry from when Drew brought her home last week. We made the round trip in about 4 hours.

Finalized the Myrtle Beach reservations this morning. I am so excited about this trip. It has been a long winter here in NY and I am so ready to wake up to the smell of the ocean. Still hoping that Drew will figure something out for his class on Thursday so we can stay straight through the weekend. I will work on him...help him arrange his schedule...maybe!!

I am sharing with you today the layout that I entered in the contest over at MMFY. This is my mom and Max on Mother's day 2004. This is probably the last picture that I have of her holding Max before she passed away later that year. I miss her still so much and sometimes it just takes my breath away. I am so sad that Max doesn't get to grow up with her. She was such a special grandma. But I know that she is looking down on us and smiling...I know that she is our special guardian angel. But I sure wish she was still here with me right now. Remember to always love your mom's and be thankful if you still have them with you. The journaling reads: You were so little when Grandma Irene passed away. My wish for you is that you will always feel her love...even though. All supplies used for this layout were from the February Big and Juicy Kit from Keep In Touch. Kelly does wonderful kits each month and I am so excited because one of the prizes for the contest was another kit. I can't wait to receive it in the mail. Stop by her store sometime and see all the yummy goodies she has to offer. She is a great lady and I love her to pieces!

I am off to get some scrapping done today. Have a good one everybody!

Madeleine and I decided that we would do a little shopping today...to get some things she needs to take back to school with her tomorrow. Lisa and kelsey came along too. Poor Abby...she just wouldn't or couldn't take the day off from school. Anyways, we shopped, visited the Salvation Army looking for those things in a rough if you know what I mean and then I treated everybody to lunch at Pizza Hut. The funny thing is that Max wanted pizza in the worst way but then when we got there and gave it to him he wouldn't eat any!! Thankfully the manager took his buffet off the tab so I didn't have to pay for him. He is such a stinker sometimes. Right now he and Madeleine are playing guitar hero...you wouldn't believe how good he is getting at it. He is even better than daddy. But ssshhhh...don't tell daddy I said that. I think he is going to be devastated again when Maddie goes back to Rochester tomorrow. Poor little guy. The house will be quiet again.

We have some exciting news too...we are going to Myrtle Beach for spring break. Andrew Thomas' baseball team will be playing in a tournament down there for the week. I am in the process of reserving rooms but have to wait for the cc payment to go through so I can finalize them. I am so excited because we have never been there and i could really use some sunny ocean weather right now!! The only sad thing is that Maddie probably won't be able to go. Her daddy does not think that it would be a good idea for her to miss that many days of school...his words exactly are "we aren't paying $50,000 a year for her to not go to class!" I guess that he is right but it still makes me very sad inside. Maybe we can work something out. I am not giving up hope yet. The hotel is beautiful and I am counting the days down. 31 to be exact!!

Things over at MMFY are getting exciting! I can't wait for the crop this weekend. Seriously anybody if you are at all interested go over there and register so you can join in on all the fun we are going to have. Great talent on that site!!

I am going to leave you with my latest creation. My Abigail...what a beauty she is!! She just doesn't know how beautiful she really is. But maybe that is a good thing!

Have a great evening everybody!! Jenn

Well, it was an eventful snow weekend that is for sure! Maddie and dad made it home safely...thank goodness! When they were on their way home they kept me notified of the "cars off the road count"...What normally is a 2 hour drive turned into an almost 4 hour drive but thankfully most of the drivers were using their snow driving skills and things went off without too much drama. I am just relieved they made it one piece. Saturday the snow seemed to stop for awhile and we were in the lull of the storm. I was hoping that it would just pass right around us but unfortunately closer to evening it hit again and Andrew woke up to a fresh foot of snow to shovel. But the sun is shining this morning and although it is absolutely freezing I went out and took some pictures. Even though I am not a real snow fan...I have to admit it sure does look pretty especially with the sun shining.They say that it is going to warm up substantially this week so I am not looking forward to all of this melting and turning into mud but I just won't think of that this morning!

I am excited today...I entered a contest over at MMFY and I won. So this means that I get to be a guest designer for the site in April. Never ever did anything like this before but I can't wait to do it!! I will share the layout that I entered another day because I wanted to show off these snow pictures today.

Well, I am going to go and get ready for church and our Journey program this afternoon. Stay safe and warm everybody!! Jenn

Maddie's coming home today for spring break!! Woo Hoo!! The only hitch is that we have a storm coming in and Drew is going to get her right after school to hopefully beat it. He doesn't want to take me because I always need to stop and pee and that will take too much time. Gee...makes you feel good doesn't it? But I can understand and I would rather they get there fast and back fast. They are predicting this to be the most significant snowfall of the season. As if we need anymore!!!! So say a prayer guys that everything goes smoothly. I can't wait to have her home even if it is only for a little bit!! Max is pretty excited too!

Speaking of Max, He is well on the mend!! Thank goodness...he is back to all of his normal antics and I couldn't be happier. I was so worried about him. Just not used to him being sick I guess.

Got lots of scrappy stuff in the mail this week. Can't wait to start playing with it all. I am trying to get the house cleaned and ready for Maddie then I plan on spending some time in my scrap room. MMFY is having an online crop in a couple of weeks and I am so excited about that. I have never done an online crop (or one in person either for that matter) So I am pretty psyched up about this. Sounds like a lot of fun stuff going on that weekend. Come on over and join us if you can.

Here is the layout that I promised the other day. My sweet little Abigail...she is mesmerized with the flowers on her shirt in this picture. Thought that it was so cute. So of course the journaling says that I hope she will always be amazed by the flowers in her life. Can't believe this little peanut is already 14!!

Well, I am off to get some work done...have a great day everybody!!
Well, Max woke up with a bad headache again this morning so I called and got him into the doctors this afternoon. They think that he has one of those nasty viral infections that are going around. His ear is a little red but he told them it doesn't hurt so they didn't prescribe antibiotics. They did however do a strep culture just in case because I guess that has been pretty popular in the area. So we will find that out in a couple of days. I was so proud of Max and how he behaved! This is the first sick visit Max has had since he was 9 months old! He just doesn't ever get sick enough for the doctor. So I wasn't sure what to expect. He cooperated and didn't even cry when she did the strep culture. Now I even have problems with that one!! He is sleeping right now...the joys of Dimetapp...something they recommended to help with all of his congestion. Hopefully he will get over this soon and be back to the normal full of it Max that he usually is!

The winning survivor will be announced soon over at MMFY. Can't wait to see who wins. There is so much talent over on that board. Very inspiring!

The weather is pretty stinky right now. We are under a winter storm warning with major ice accumulations expected over night. Will this ever end? I mean seriously, yesterday we were over 60 degrees and sunny...now this!! Maybe it will be a snow day tomorrow and everybody can stay home and cozy together. I can always dream of the I suppose.

Well, just wanted to give a Max update and now I think I am going to go get into some jammies, curl up on the couch with a scrap magazine and watch the Sabres game on TV. Won't be as fun as it was in the suite seats this past weekend but it should be a great game all the same. (I hope!!)Oh and tomorrow I will share another layout...I promise. I just didn't get the one done that I was working on today since we made the trip into the doctors. But...it is pretty and pink and has flowers on it...so it should make you all smile and think of spring!!

It was so cool...Kerry my dear brother asked us if we wanted to go to the Sabres game. Well, of course...I mean who wouldn't? The very cool thing is that my brother has suite seats so it wasn't just an ordinary hockey game. There was food, tons of food and drink. Comfortable seats, a tv and probably best of all...our very own bathroom. (If you know me you know that things like that are very important to me!) So Drew, Andrew Abby and I had a blast! Okay, the Sabres could have played a little bit better and won the game but even though they lost it was an amazing time!!

Max, lets see...he was starting to perk up a bit after being sick last week. He spent the day with grandpa and grandma while we were at the game yesterday and did very well. But...today he started acting funky again and didn't get off the couch all afternoon. He even took a nap and he is also already sleeping tonight. So I am just not sure what to think. If he isn't better tomorrow I think that I am going to put a call into the doctor. Headaches scare me of course anyways, but when it is the little guy it scares me even more. So say a little prayer for him please!

I created today...haven't been able to in a little bit but while we were in Buffalo we stopped at a Craft and Hobby store. I picked up this cute little sketch booklet that was just screaming at me to alter it. So that is what I did today. The cool thing was though that when I checked MMFY today there was a challenge for altering a journal. How cool is that?? So I have my first challenge completed for the month! But of course I just had to join another group and obtain a whole bunch more challenges to do. I just may get caught up with my pictures yet!! And just to give a pat on the back to my sister inlaw Catherine...she has started scrapbooking again and I just so proud of her!! Can't wait to see some more of her finished layouts! Keep it up Cat!!

And...today are temperature was 62 degrees and it was so sunny!! I was so pleased with the day!! But guess what? We have the potential for a major ice storm tomorrow. Now they can't say for sure that we will actually get the ice...we may just get rain...so this will probably be the first time I ever prayed for rain. Just do not want to deal with ice...especially if I have to get Max into the doctor. Fingers and toes crossed!

I am going to go lay down with Max now and give him some loving while he sleeps. Have a good night everybody. I will keep you posted about Max.