Well, what do you think? Is he cute or what?? He is having a little difficulty getting used to his glasses. He has trouble walking because everything looks so different. Drew says that he will get used to it pretty quick. I sure hope so. He was such a trooper getting his hair cut too....such a life changing day for him!
this is max before his haircut and new glasses that he will be getting later today. The eye doctor called and his glasses are in so in a couple of hours he will have his glasses. We are stopping to get his haircut first though so that his bangs will not be in the way of the new glasses. I am so nervous about what to expect with him once he has them on. I mean really....he is such an active little boy....how in the world am I going to keep glasses on him all day and not have them broken every time we turn around.

This picture was taken at the Jamestown Jammers game last night. We took Abby and Max there and met up with some friends and as it turns out half the village of Cassadaga was there as well. It was dollar night where everything cost just a buck. I guess Cassadaga people are all cheapskates....okay....just kidding about that. But it was an inexpensive night for the 4 of us and we had a great time. We are hoping to go again next week with everybody but who knows if that will happen because it is just so hard to coordinate schedules this summer.

I have been doing very little scrappy stuff lately because I have just been in a bit of a funk. I think I scrapped so hard for the Master's contest that I pooped myself out for a bit. But I did manage to get my recipe cards done for a swap I am on. A little late but I did get them done nonetheless.

Our garden is yielding lots and lots of summer squash and zucchini....if anybody has some different recipes for using these I would appreciate it. I am running out of ideas to cook the stuff. I did make squash pickles the other day and if I say so myself they are mighty tasty. They are sweet which I like a whole lot better than dill....I hate dill pickles and I hate the dill herb for anything.

Off to get ready for the haircut and glasses thing!! Wish us luck!!

Fair Time!!

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So last night we went to the fair. Each year our priest gives his altar servers 2 free tickets to the fair so we all get to go!! We usually go during the day but this year we had to go later after Andrew Thomas got off work. Let me tell you....I was fretting all day about how Max was going to be. First we were going late, second he no longer fits in his stroller so he was going to have to walk and third....how was he going to do with the rides. Well Max rocks!! He rode just about every ride on the midway and the ones he didn't ride weren't because he didn't want to it was because nobody would ride them...you know the ones like the Ring of Fire and the Sky Diver!! I think he rode the Pirate ship 5 times in a row!! He even went on the Ferris Wheel....something I would not go on and something that his dad went on but certainly was wishing he didn't have to. Smile...I know...I am very mean to make him go on it instead of me!! It didn't phase Max a bit being that high and he was trying to stand up and look around the whole time. This made the girls a little freaked because the car shook so much. I was just so glad that I stayed on the ground and took pictures. We didn't even get home until close to midnight. Of course Max fell asleep in the car on the way home!!
Tonight we are going to a picnic at Aunt Sandi's on Lake Erie....storms are coming in so I am sure it is going to be soggy but the kids are looking forward to watching the storms over the lake.
And...I know....Max needs a haircut! That is on our agenda for the week. He needs it done before he gets his glasses!!

Sorry about that....summer just gets so busy...you know lazing around the pool and all. Just kidding but I have been putting plenty of time in the pool and by the pool. Have read lots of books this summer and loving the peace!!

I have some very happy news to share!! I made it on a Design Team. WooHoo me!! I am now a DT for Making Memories For You and I am just so darn excited. My term starts in September and that is a perfect time for me since I am going to be boohooing with Max in school.

Our very good friends had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago and we went over to visit them. Her name is Shea (yes, like the stadium) Elizabeth. And you know....after having 4 kids of my own you wouldn't think that babies would scare me but my lord she was so tiny!! Of course that did not stop me from hogging her the whole visit. She did get held by Drew but then promptly pooped. (Alot!!) I thought that was fitting. Just kidding. Max has decided that he needs a baby brother so he told me to go and get one in my tummy. Yep Max whatever!! People can't tell me that he is spoiled because he is definitely not getting what he wants this time!!

Speaking of Max....took him to the eye doctor today and wouldn't you know it...he needs glasses. I was just hoping that at least one of my kids would inherit my eyes and not their dads!! I just don't know how glasses and Max are going to mix. He is such an active little monster. I am thinking that I am going to have to get him a couple of pairs because I have a feeling we will be needing repairs on them quite often.

Andrew Thomas was away at football camp this week and just got back today. He is a little sore but his shoulder did okay. I was sweating that one out. Jorge Posada the catcher from the Yankees was just diagnosed with the exact same thing as Andrew. He is going to try and finish out the season too and then have surgery. We will have to see how that goes for him I guess.

Lets see what else has happened. I know that there is more but just can't think at the moment. We are going to the Chautauqua County Fair tomorrow. I am hoping that will be fun. I will let you know about that later on.

I am going to leave you with a prayer request. Most of you know that I follow many care pages of sick children and even adults. I feel that I can say extra prayers for them because they all need so many. Anyways, it is so hard not to get attatched to these kids and their families. They have become a part of my daily routine. This week has been especially hard for a little 4 year old boy Coleman Larson. He has been through so much. Most recently a stem cell transplant that pretty near killed him. But he was doing so good and having so much fun at home. Gaining weight and just enjoying life with his twin brother Caden. Unfortunately this week he had a routine MRI and spinal tap. They found cancer cells in the spinal fluid and tumors on his spine. The family is just devastated. So if you could all please put Coleman in your prayers. And tomorrow at 11 am it is being called International Hugs Coleman day. So please send all the prayers you got for Coleman tomorrow at 11am (and of course everyday as well)
Oh and one more thing...it is official...I mailed out my Master's entry yesterday. I worked really hard on them and sent them off with a prayer and of course a stomach full of nerves. But who knows....you just never know what can happen. I am just so proud of myself for actually doing it this year and not just thinking about it!!

Here It Is!!!

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So here is our completed garden. Well, there are a couple of things left to do around it but the garden itself is complete. Yeah us!! I am so pleased with how it turned out and I so enjoy sitting by it in the evening with the lights shining in it. Very peaceful....very relaxing! And we even have a family of toads that have taken up residence.

I have completed my entries for the Master's Contest. Just need to get them copied and sent out. I am so proud of myself for putting myself out there and doing this. Wish I could share the layouts with you but that will have to wait (for when they tell me I am not a Master....not thinking negatively but the chances of being chosed are slim to none....you just never know so go ahead and do it!!)

We have been working on putting in a fountain and flower garden. We have had the fountain in for a bit now but needed to wait until Drew could finish up the brick walkway before we could get the plants and cedar mulch in. Yesterday we put the plants in but haven't finished completely yet because quite frankly we were exhausted!! So here is a sneak peek....this is a picture of the fountain without any of the pretty flowers and such.....hopefully tomorrow I can show you the completed project. But darn it all we woke up to rain this morning so I am just not sure what will get finished today. ggggrrrrr.....it was suppose to be sunny today!!
We were also planning on doing a "Staycation" day today because everybody is off from work. The final consensus last night was to go to Sunset Bay Beach and spend the day swimming and laying in the sun....well since the sun doesn't appear to be cooperating we may just have to come up with a plan b. Who knows....it is still early yet.

We had an awesome 4th of July this year!! Usually we just stay home because of that unfortunate incident many years ago when Maddie was a baby but this year Kerry and Patty had their First Annual Fourth of July Spectacular party!! They put on quite a party with wonderful food and spectacular fireworks. I think that the fireworks were the best I have ever seen and that includes the professional ones! Kerry was like a big kid. Here are a couple of pics from the party....I can't wait to scrap these.

Today I am trying to catch up on laundry and household chores that just seem to multiply ever so quickly with everybody home for the summer. I keep telling myself in a few years the house is going to be so empty with the kids in college and just Max at home....so I am enjoying these days....mess and all!!
Paige is doing very well with her chemo and she only has one left!! Connie is coming along just fine with her hip surgery....she should be running walker races real quick!! Ellie is doing fantastic and she will soon be starting a cocktail of chemos so please keep her in your prayers so she can beat this thing. The odds are against her but the faith that family has is amazing so I can only have the same hope that they do!!
Just giving all you scrappers a heads up....over at Making Memories For You they are doing a cool thing. Everytime you complete a challenge or some other things that they have planned....you earn MMFY$ and the scrapper with the most bucks at the end of the month wins a gift certificate to the Shoppe. Now Kelly's Kit Shoppe is an awesome place anyways....my lord if Andrew only knew how much I spend there...well anyways....this gift certificate is such an awesome prize for the lucky winner. SO all you fellow scrappers out there that might need some extra incentive to scrap over these lazy days of summmer...come on over to www.makingmemoriesforyou.org and register. Introduce yourselves because we are an awesome group of ladies (if I say so myself) and check out the wonderful DT challenges as well as all the amazing inspiration we have in the gallery. You will not be sorry that you did!!

Just trying to catch up with my blog tonight. We have been so busy the last week. Mom had her surgery and she did very well. She got out of the hospital last night and seems to be doing very well. I surprised myself by actually being able to visit her in the hospital just about everyday without too many memories. At night though while trying to sleep I would often think of mom's days in that same hospital and I would get very sad. I am just glad that I don't have to go back there anytime soon....at least I hope!!We decided to put one of those pond fountains in our backyard by the pool. I am so excited because it is just so darn cool. I am waiting for Drew to finish up the brick work so I can get all the plants and flowers planted. Then I will be able to share some pictures. Things were put on hold for a few days because of the awful rainy weather we have had. And now Drew is teaching his summer enrichment course for 6 days so we are trying to fit it in. But I hope by this weekend we will have it all in place.I actually scrapped today. I was so excited but the sun was shining and it just put me in such a great mood. This was for a challenge at MMFY where we had to use the color combination of blue and green. This was taken at Myrtle Beach this past spring when were there. Boy I sure do miss the ocean!! Thank goodness for pictures so I can look back and dream about it!!