It has been a rough couple of days for Max this week. He has been feeling pretty lousy! First it was his head and tummy then last night he woke up with a really high temperature. We got it down now but he is still just not right. He says that he is fine and that he is "just resting with his eyes open" but if you all know Max...he doesn't usually rest! Trying to get him to drink lots and lots but he isn't being very cooperative in that department. While he was sleeping I did this layout of him. I love this picture and didn't know what to do with it for awhile but today this came to me and I am pleased with the results. Very simple but this picture didn't need a lot...I think that it should stand on its own.

We found out that Drew did not get a wild card to states but he is second in line if they need him to fill out the bracket. I am so fine with that! And he is starts on Monday and he is also very busy with the stage crew for the musical. I think that he needed a wrestling break...I know that I certainly did. Abby is trying out for least for the moment she is. Sometimes she is not 100% sure of things but I hope that she does because it would be so much fun for her.

Our van is having trouble getting inspected. Now get this...there is nothing wrong with it! But it shows codes from something that has since been fixed. The codes just won't disappear. So lovely New York state says that it can't pass inspection. Our mechanic is fit to be tied and well, so am I. I don't know what happens if we can't get the codes to disappear. It is always something I guess but this is darn right frustrating since there isn't anything to fix!!

Other than that it is very cold here...more snow expected tomorrow but then I guess we are going to have a little warm up over the weekend. I just want to walk around the lake so badly I can't stand it! But there is just no safe way to do it with the ice and snow right now. I think that if I had a little sunshine and outside exercise I would feel 100% better about life!! But...well...that is what living in WNY is all about.

Going to go cuddle with Max now...boy I hope he starts to feel better soon. The house is just so quiet without his little antics! Have a great day everyone!

Haven't been posting in a couple of days because life has been kind of hectic. Couple of things to tell you...Andrew took second in the State Qualifier Tournament this past weekend. And I couldn't be prouder of him! He went up against a senior boy who is ranked fourth in all of WNY. This kid pinned Andrew in a tournament earlier this year and Andrew was looking for payback. Okay so he may not have won but let me tell you this...he kept the 4th ranked guy to only 1 point!! I don't think that guy expected it to be such a difficult win and if Drew could have tied it up there would be no doubt in my mind that he would not have won. His opponent was so dog tired I don't think he could have lasted too long in overtime. So like I said, I am so proud of Andrew, here it is his first year wrestling and he goes this far! He far exceeded everybody's hopes this year. There is still a slim chance that he will receive a wildcard into states but I am honestly hoping that he doesn't. I don't think that my nerves could handle that.

Second...I was eliminated in my MMFY Survival contest. It was a technicality but I didn't follow the rules so they had to disqualify me. You were suppose to scrap a picture of just one else. I only had a couple to choose from and unfortunately I chose the one where you could see my mom's hands even though she wasn't shown anymore than that in the picture. I am so pleased that I did as well as I did and I am even more pleased with that particular layout even though it was the cause for my demise in the contest. I came out with something really good in the end even if I didn't win. Congrats to all who are moving on and I will be watching closely to see who wins!

It is snowing again...we are suppose to have another storm tonight. I guess I could be upset but I really don't want to spend half my time whining about the weather. Maybe we will have a snowday tomorrow and everybody can stay home nice and cozy. I guess I could hope for that.

Well, that is all for today...need to get some more scrapping done. Here is the layout that I did for MMFY Survivor...the one that caused my demise. You be the judge...was it worth it?

I have had two layouts picked this past week for Fab Finds on another scrappy site I belong to. Coordinate Collections...I am just so excited and tickled that they have picked my layouts. It really puts a smile on my face. Here are the two that they picked. The picture of Maddie eating Gerber baby food Mushed Turkey just makes me giggle every time I see i t. She certainly did not like it one bit....could you tell. The other one is Max eating his very first ice cream cone. Too cute my babies are.

Over on MMFY I made it to round 4 in our survivor challenge. This was a hard one for me but only that it involved doing a layout with a picture of myself and no one or nothing else in the pic. I can honestly day that I don't have any pictures like that in my stash. And unfortunately I was not in any position to have a picture done today that I would even think of scrapping so I went with a baby picture of m e at 9 months. It was a bittersweet layout because I talked a bit about mom. In fact pretty much the entire layout was about mom. So I have been pretty tearful inside today but I am so very glad to have been pushed to do this. This layout has been in my mind for a long time but I just couldn't seem to get past the sadness of it all and actually do it. So win or lose this contest I am just thankful to have had the opportunity to participate.

We had a lot of snow last night and yesterday....about 12 inches. The sun is shining today and it is just beautiful out albeit very, very cold. I am hoping that the snow stays away again. Just tired of the same old same old.

Drew is practicing hard for his upcoming wrestling tournament this weekend. I am still scared out of my mind but I have to say he is getting a wonderful opportunity wrestling with the Fredonia wrestlers. They have a lot of experience and are teaching him so much!!

Well, I need to go figure out some dinner and hopefully get some more of my challenges completed for the month.

Have a great day everybody!!

This was a terribly exciting weekend. Andrew Thomas was wrestling in the Section VI Class A Divisional Tournament and HE WON! He pinned his opponent in the finals in 32 seconds! All of his wins were pins I might add. We are just so darn proud of him! Next weekend he will be competing in the State Qualifiers at JCC. He is off to practice with some wrestlers today from Fredonia as unfortunately none of other guys made it to the qualifiers. It was a long weekend but it was so worth every minute sitting in a stinky gym!! Here are a couple of pics from the finals and the awards. Isn't he just smashing in his camo boots? His coach told me that he needs to learn how to dress...teheheee...but that is Andrew and he doesn't have to change a thing in my opinion.

The other exciting news is that I made it to Round 3 in my Survivor Challenge over at MMFY. This one is to alter something but we need to use a transparency somewhere on the project. I worked on it yesterday and I think that I am pleased with it. But geez, the competition is fierce over there. So anyways, I will find out tomorrow it I go on. Fingers and toes crossed!

Well, I am going to head back into my happy place (my scrap room) and get some work done on some other challenges that I have waiting for me. I actually even think that I am going to work on new things for the store this week. Hope so...we shall see though. Everybody is home for winter break so I may not have any "me" time.

Have a good day everybody!!
So for me, well I guess I just don't get into Valentine's day so much. I like to do a couple of little things for the kids but anything else...not so much. I know can I say such a thing. But you know what? I have been married to my best friend for over 20 years and there is not a doubt in my mind that he loves me because of everything he does for us every single day of the year! And I hope (okay, I know because he has told me) that he knows how much I love him too. We don't need some card company to tell us that we ought to show our love with a high priced card and gifts. Call me a Valentine scrooge...go ahead...I know that you want too. But seriously I love Andrew more than anything every single day of the year.

With that being said...I am trying something new tonight for a special dessert. Hot fudge pudding cake. Now of course it spilled over in my oven and the smoke alarm has been going off but I think that it is going to be tasty. I HOPE that it is going to be tasty at least. It was kind of a pain in the butt to make. I am not a fan of cooking....seriously I hate it, but tonight was my night for dinner and I thought I might shake things up a bit.

I am trying to think of something that I can share with you all today that is a little scrappy but I don't have a thing that I can at the moment. I did clean my scrap room today...I couldn't even find my chair with all the mess in there from my latest scrapping frenzy. Maybe I should take a picture because i know that you all won't believe it. No, I will let you all just imagine it.

The sun has been shining all day today and it sure has put me in a pretty good mood. I know that I must suffer from that Seasonal Depression because sometimes I just can't get my butt motivated to do anything these days. I sure hope that the sun stays around for a bit. And of course that the snow doesn't return.

Have a Happy Day everybody!!

We are due for another snowstorm today and tonight! I am just plain tired of it all!! But I did get some very good news today...I made it to round two of Survivor!! Yeah me I didn't get booted off!! I am so excited...except this next challenge is a killer for photos and a 12x12 no less!! I am going to have to hurry up and get it done so I can figure out how to scan and stitch the darn thing so I won't miss the deadline! I have it all sketched in my head and some of it on paper just need to gather the things that will make it shine!

So did any of you guys watch that Sabres game where the Florida Panthers guy had gotten his throat slit with a skate? That was the most awful to thing to see! Thankfully he is going to be okay but it was touch and go there they said. I just couldn't believe the amount of blood that he lost in such a short amount of time. Scary, Very Scary!!

Here is a layout that I did for several challenges...I love when they work out that way. Kill a couple of birds with one stone!! Anyways, it is a layout of Max's first black eye. It just broke m y heart to see him with one but thankfully the tears were quick and he was ready to get back to business playing very soon after!!

Have a great day everybody! Stay safe and warm!

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Good morning! It has been a hectic week and now a busy weekend to prepare for. Drew has a wrestling match today and we have to get ready for selling at the concession stand since somehow we have become officers in the boosters club! Then Kelsey is having her party at our house to celebrate becoming 17!! Tomorrow is Journey at church so we will be there all day.

Survivor at MMFY starts today and I am so excited. A little worried that I will fail to do something correct and then get voted off but you have to try if you want to succeed right? I just love that site. There is so much going on to get my creative juices flowing and I love all of the challenges. Check out the site if you need a little inspiration.

Here is a layout that I did for a sketch challenge on another site. Abby is just beautiful don't ya think? She is so funny because all she could say about this photo was her eyes were all red. I never even noticed. She can drive ya crazy sometimes!! She is so beautiful and she doesn't even know it!

The weather is suppose to turn snowy and cold again. No wonder I can't seem to shake this headache of mine. Oh well, spring will be here soon!! I hope!!

Have a great day everyone and enjoy your weekend!

It is so warm is just making me dream of summer days. I know of course that we are just being teased because it is suppose to turn cold and snowy again later this week but for now I can dream that winter is finished! I created this layout for a challenge on MMFY that was to create a fun in the sun layout. I just had to do one of Max swimming. His very favorite thing to do on a hot summer day. I don't know, it just made me smile. Hope it brings a smile to you all too.

Today is Fat Tuesday and I have been thinking a lot about this upcoming Lenten season. What do I want to do this year to make a difference? I want to add something in my life that will make an impact on me but also to others. So far I haven't come up with any grand plan but I am still working on it. I will let you know what I come up with when I do.

Hoping to complete some more challenges today but I also have to work on some store projects. I hate to admit it but the store has taken a back seat in my new creative ventures. Which probably isn't a good thing since we are working really hard this year to get ourselves completely out of debt and I need to make some money!! Don't we all!!

Hope you are all having a good week so far. Have a productive and safe day!!
Now, I am not a huge fan of the Super Bowl unless of course the Bills are in it. But for some reason I soooo wanted the Giants to win this one! Maybe it was because Eli is too cute...he has such a baby face, or maybe it was because the Patriots thought there was no way that they would lose...I am a sucker for the underdog! But for whatever reason it was I am just so darn happy about the outcome! Those Giants played their hearts out and they were truly the deserving team to win. And for you Patriot know the ones...that were celebrating before the game was even played...THAT IS WHY WE PLAY THE GAME! Nothing is for sure and you becoming a 19 -0 The perfect season was so not guaranteed. Trademark or nothing!! Okay, now that I got that off my chest.

We did end up with that crappy storm last Friday. Schools were closed again because of ice. I am sure the kids enjoyed the break again but Drew and I were getting kind of bored with the feeling like we couldn't do anything syndrome. Thankfully the weather seems to be improving for the beginning of the week at least.

The kids had their confirmation "kick off" at church yesterday. I couldn't believe the number of kids making their confirmation this year. It does the heart good to see so many kids involved. Confirmation is set for April 30th and Grandma and Grandpa are going to be their sponsors.

Other than that nothing too much went on this weekend. We had our traditional pizza and wings for the super bowl and we are all paying for that today with tummy issues. Did our weekly shopping trip to Wal Mart and oh yeah...we did go to Upper Crust and get cheese danishes. My absolute favorite treat on a Sunday morning!!

Hoping to get some scrapping done today. I have entered a contest on one of the sites I frequent, Making Memories for You. It is the ultimate Survivor contest. Kind of fitting since I will reluctantly admit that I still love to watch Survivor. Little nervous about it but if you don't try you can never win right! I am also looking into some more contests and DT calls. Hoping to get my courage up enough to enter them!

Have a great day everybody!!