It has been a few days since updating but that is just because life is busy as usual! We are getting ready for our first significant snowfall of the season...and though I am hoping they are wrong my bones are aching like they are right. Will have to let you know tomorrow. The wind is surely howling out there right now.

On the family front...Abby is currently 2 hours way in Roy Hart for a volleyball playoff game. We opted not to go because it is sooo far away and well because....lets just say past experience tells us we don't really need to be there. (Coach issues) anyways, if they lose then the season is done and I have to tell you that Abby would be perfectly fine with that. JAVA starts on Saturday is she is just anxious to get that started.

The boys will be playing their final football game on saturday. Against an old rival....Falconer. It should be pretty exciting and I certainly hope that they end the season on a positve note. Fingers and toes crossed!!

We still haven't gotten a chance to see Maddie play rugby but we are hoping that everything works out for this sunday for us to go up there. She has a new pet....I think that it is a rat...a white one. Cute little bugger and she named her Trinity. I am glad that she will have something to keep her company while she is busy studying...not sure what I am going to think when Ms. Trinity comes home for vacations....teheheee.
We had some sad events happen over the past week as well. Andrew's great aunt Phyllis passed away from pancreatic cancer. We knew that it was coming but it still is a sock in the gut when it happens. But then Phyllis' daughter went to wake up her husband the next day and he had passed away in his sleep. He was only 47 and he had a massive heart attack. So poor Wendy lost her mom on Sunday and then her husband on Monday. Please keep her family in your prayers. She has 2 young children and they are taking it very hard.

I have been busy scrapping this week. Lots of deadlines to meet and lots and lots of things on my plate. I can share some of them but the others will have to wait (smile) The first layout is of a picture that I took of my brother at his 4th of July party this past summer. I really liked the perspective of this picture. And my journaling talks about how proud I am that he is my brother. This was for my recipe of the week over at MMFY The next one is also for MMFY and it was for my October stash DT challenge. What do we all have in our stash? you had to do a layout using only scraps and nothing larger than 2x2. I am holding Maddie in this picture and it tugs at my heart whenever I see it. It just really amazes me that she is off on her own and oh so grown up. How in the world did that happen.

My pity party for myself is over! I am proud of myself for get over mom's anniversary as well as I did this year. It is something that I don't ever think I will get over but at least it is not paralyzing me like it used to. Anyways....

I have been scrapping a lot this week! Or doing scrappy projects. I made an altered clipboard count down to santa....can't share that with you yet because it is going to be in the ezine. It turned out so cute. I have been in the christmas making spirit too so I am happy about that because maybe just maybe I will get all of my christmas gifts done on time this year. Oh yeah....who am I kidding right? I think that I may even start my cards this week....that would be a shocker!! I do know that I have to get working on Max's Halloween treat thingys that I am making for his class. I also have to figure out how I am going to make him into an elephant for halloween. An elephant....where in the heck did he come up with that idea? Last year he was a bee which I thought was pretty cute. He keeps insisting that is what he wants to be and he hasn't changed his mind in 4 I guess an elephant is what it is going to be!! Oh my!!

I have continued doing my scrap recipes over at MMFY because the ladies just love them over there. This layout today is my recipe for this week. I made them pull out their paints and paint on their layout....anywhere they wanted to just so there was paint on it. I love coming up with the different ideas for each recipe....keeps me on my toys so that they don't become bored with them.

On a family note.....hhhhmmmmm.....last night was volleyball.....still no improvement there with this coach. Things have gotten worse (if that is at all possible) but on a happy note....1 more game, 1 more tournament and then playoffs. We will be done with her and done with VB for school. Hoping and praying and doing whatever we can to make sure she doesn't come back next year. We will have to see how that one goes.

Football Friday night all the way in Allegheny Limestone....but it will be a pretty drive out there as the fall colors are just about at their peak!! 2 more games to go after this and then hopefully we can get Drew's surgery scheduled pretty quickly after that. We do have a deadline you comes up pretty quick in the spring!!
And I also had to share Max's very first school picture (actually it is his very first professional picture ever!) Is he just the cutest or what?
Thanks for stopping by!!

Today marks 4 years without my mom. It still takes my breath away to think about the fact that she is no longer here with us. I will always remember the last weeks of her life. Fall was such a favorite time for her...she loved the beauty of the trees changing and the chill in the air. It was fitting for her to pass away on a Fall day! She was such an amazing woman, even more amazing mom and there is not a minute that goes by that my heart doesn't ache for her. To just hear her voice once more. I know that she is in a good more pain, no more tears...just peace and happiness. I miss you mom, today and will always be my hero!
That I have been published in the MMFY online ezine This months issue is jam packed with some pretty neat stuff. Lots of inspiration in there!! I didn't really forget to mention this but sometimes I have a hard time giving myself a "toot" but I really want you all to see the ezine because it is just so cool!!
about another fun crop happening this weekend. Coordinates Collections is having a Fall Crop starting tonight. It is going to be a lot of fun with lots of challenges and prizes. If you get a chance come on over and check it out.

Speaking of is just beautiful here in western NY today. The temperatures are warm, the sun is shining and the colors are just spectacular. I love this time of year!! The kids have a long weekend starting tomorrow so I hope between the football game and the volleyball tournament that we can get some time to go to a pumpkin patch or some other fallish thing. I am just drooling over the thought of the beautiful pictures I could scrap with!! I am crossing my fingers that everybody cooperates!!

A prayer request goes out today for my friend Niki's daughter Ellie. She had her MRI today and the tumor is progressing. She has completed radiation and is currently on chemo but this monster of a tumor just keeps growing and growing. My heart is just breaking for them. Please visit her carepage Ellie and give them some prayers. Thank you!

Okay, for the most part it was an awesome weekend. The boys finally won a football game! It wa homecoming so if they were going to win one this is the one they needed to win. It was a defensive struggle but oh what a sweet victory! I was so proud of Andrew too...I think that this was the best game he has played all season and he was picked MVP of the game by the radio station. So stinkin proud of him!! Here is a link to the article of the game in case you are interested. Observer

Then of course there was the homecoming dance. Abby looked just beautiful in her dress and so did all of her friends. It was mighty chilly out that night but they were all brave and let us take pictures outside. Even Max had to get in on all the fun!!

Now for the icky part of the weekend. We were all sick! I think that I slept more hours than I was awake yesterday. I am so hoping we all feel better soon because it is costing us a small fortune in tissues. But seriously, it is nothing compared to what others are going through.

I can't believe it but Max is 5 years old today!! Where in the world has the time gone? His birthday is always a little melancholy for me because when we celebrated his first birthday it was in the nursing home with my mom where she was spending her very last days. I am bound and determined not to go there today though. My baby is 5 and it is his first time having a birthday at school. I have been baking cupcakes all morning and getting them ready to take to the school at 2. He is excited that I am coming to his classroom today and I have to say that I am pretty excited about it too!! We are having pizza and wings for dinner....was there any doubt that that would be what he requested for his birthday dinner....nope. Not at all!! Then having grandma and grandpa over for cake and ice cream. Or actually cupcakes and ice cream at Max's request. Poor little guy has to wait until 7 to open his presents because daddy and Drew won't be home until then. I think he will make it though!!

This layout today is one for the new recipe in October over at MMFY. Max certainly loves his chocolate. Of course he asked for chocolate cupcakes and chocolate frosting and chocolate ice cream for his birthday. Wonder where he gets his love for the stuff....I can't even imagine (smile)

And I wanted to share the kids pictures from school this year. I am so happy with the way they turned out. I think they are pretty darn adorable kids. Can't wait to see Max's when they come in sometime next week.

Well I am off to finish cleaning....can't have the grandparents coming to a messy house tonight.