I have not blogged in forever. I have not really created in forever either. But there is a really good reason for me being so absent. On July 28 2010 I had surgery to remove a 24 lb. tumor. Yes you read that right! I had a tumor on my right ovary that grew to be 24 pounds and another smaller tumor on my left ovary. So consequently they removed the tumors and just about everything else too. People ask me all the time how did I not realize I had such a large tumor in my abdomen. I can't honestly say how I didn't realize it. I just thought I was fat....very fat. But when I started losing weight I just couldn't lose it in my stomach. I was frustrated but just decided to work that much harder on the abs. You wouldn't believe the number of crunches I did in a day!! My doctor said that because I lost so much weight the tumor had  no place to go anymore and started to cause all sorts of pain. Thus the trip to the emergency room and a very rushed surgery to remove it. At first they believed that it was cancerous and let me tell you that was one very difficult night to live through...the not knowing was unbelievably scary. But by the grace of God it was not malignant and I was 24 pounds lighter in a wink of an eye. Ok not quite a wink because it took about 4 hours for the surgery to be complete but you know what I mean. I feel wonderful....better than I have felt in a long long time. Now I know that things I had been feeling were related to the tumor...lovingly named Gertrude by  my husband. I have been working very hard to continue with my weight loss and to exercise every single day. I even joined a Zumba class! Now that is a hysterical sight to see. But it is fun to be with friends and laugh (alot).

Since I am feeling better and trying to resume to a normal life (normal for me that is) I am hoping to get that creative bug again and start doing what I love to do the most. I have made several cards and have lots of ideas...I just need to get past the hump and actually do it. Hence the reason I am posting today. Maybe this will be the spark that I need to get my butt in gear. It's funny too because in the weeks before my surgery, my husband totally redid  my creative space. I had just about had it all finished and organized before the surgery and I was so excited to get in there and work. I laugh now because I hardly remember where I put things and everyday I am finding new things. It's almost like Christmas. Here are some pictures of the room....before I put any of my stuff inside:)

I am just hoping that I can get back to where I was....just a little afraid that when they took "Gertrude" out that they also took my "mojo" Let's hope not!!!

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