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So I didn't keep good on my resolution to keep up this blog and ummmm....the creating has been a little on the sparse side as well but I DID MANAGE TO LOSE 50 POUNDS!!!! That wasn't even a resolution I had made and it hasn't all been since the new year....more like the last 9 months or so but.... I DID IT!!! I kind of got all wrapped up in the weight loss and exercise that I forgot to keep up with the other stuff. However, this week I realized that Drew will be graduating in a little over a month and I seriously need to get some of his scrapping done!! It was nice to have some new pictures to work with from the prom and his beautiful girlfriend Anna. So this layout is of them dancing at the prom. The other layout was absolutely inspired by a song on the TV yesterday morning....Smile. I know it isn't a layout of Andrew Thomas but hey when you get inspired you get inspired. I think it kind of turned out neat....I took it of Drew while we were on the beach in Myrtle Beach. He thinks he looks like a walrus but he was very touched by the layout nonetheless!! So hopefully this will be the start of a whirlwind scrapping spree for me so that I can put a dent into all of those pictures of Andrew Thomas.

Life has been busy and there is way too much to try and catch everybody up on but lets just say that life has been very good for us. Andrew Thomas will be attending Washington and Jefferson College in the fall and playing football. A life long dream of his is about to be realized! I am going to miss him like crazy but I am not allowing myself to wallow at the moment. Too many things to do and cherish before that time comes!

Maddie is doing very well too....she works too much and has put a lot of pressure on herself this year but she finished up her junior year at UofR and I can't even believe that I am saying this...."I have a senior in college!!" I certainly don't feel old enough for that...but it is true!!

Abby is finishing up her junior year and doing quite well too I might add. She will be my senior in high school girl next year...can't believe that one either!!

Max is Max....doing quite well in school, finally learning how to write neat and growing like a weed!! He is going to miss his big brother more than anyone so we will have to make sure his days are quite full next year so he doesn't realize it so much!

Thanks for checking in and for those of you who kept pestering about some new stuff...I hope you like it!!

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