I have been terrible about posting since being back but I have a good excuse. I had not really felt well ever since being back from vacation...my sinus' were terrible and I was just not feeling like doing anything at all. Sunday my chin started swelling up and I had terrible pain in my mouth...of course I tried to treat these symptoms by myself because 1. I hate going to the doctor or dentist and 2. I hate being on antibiotics. Unfortunately though I was not very successful in curing my problem. I woke up Wednesday morning at 3am and my entire face from chin to ear was swollen, I had terrible cold sweats and just felt like my brain was not working well at all. I called my poor sister Lisa at 4am (don't ask me why I just didn't go upstairs and wake up Drew...cause I just don't know why I didn't) She came over and took one look at my face and marched upstairs to wake Drew up and have him take me to the emergency room. So off we go and...well...my sinus infection decided to take up residence in my gum area around a tooth that had been broken. The doctor decided that he needed to lance my gum to get the infection out...omg...I have never in all of my life seen anything so gross as the stuff that came out of my mouth!! But as gross as it was it was an immediate relief of pressure and pain. So he sent me home with some awesome pain pills and super strong antibiotics. I am starting to feel human again and I have learned that I need to not let a sinus infection go for as long as I did!! Scary, scary stuff!!

Consequently, I have not created in weeks and I have really not done much of anything except try to get through each day. We did celebrate Andrew Thomas' 17th birthday last week. Watched a bunch of baseball games for the boys...which their record is now 2 and 2 in t he league. And the weather last weekend was absolutely gorgeous here so we spent many hours outside working on the yard and the deck. I have to say that this is the first time we have ever been able to pressure wash and seal our deck in April!! Of course the weather since has been a bit dreary and rainy...little bit of sun but kind of cool temps. I just wish that summer would get here already!!

Thanks for stopping by and checking on me...have had lots of people wonder where I was and that kind of makes me feel pretty good!! Have a great May 1st!!


ScrappeeDiane said...

Wow what an ordeal. I hate doctors and dentists too. I hope your road to recovery is quick.

Diva Scrapper said...

Wonderful to hear that you are feeling better. Just a little finger wagging at you for waiting so long...best to go to the doctor right away...other than that THANK GOODNESS it wasn't too bad. I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day too.