For the Card Positioning Systems Blog Challenge 119 and....For a sketch challenge over at Coordinates Collections

It feels so good to actually be working creatively again. Here is to hoping that there is plenty more to come and that my creative drought is over!! Just in time for the summer right...where it is hard sometimes to get myself to stay inside the house but hey, if it means that I have to carry my stuff outside to the picnic table then by golly I will do just that!!

Nothing else is happening around here today except we have the Spring Sports Awards banquet to go to tonight. Andrew Thomas is suppose to win some award but he isn't suppose to know about that and we have no idea what it is either. We just got a letter from the school saying to please have him there. Guess I will have to let you all know tomorrow what it is.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Diva Scrapper said...

Well for someone on a drought that's a lovely card and layout! Keep up the work...I understand losing the mojo..glad you found send some my way!!