Oh My!! It has been so long since I have created a layout! I felt so rusty at first but I think I finally got myself in tune with my inner creative me! I had this picture of Max and Abby sitting on my desk for months...I loved the picture...their tan faces, the warm sand background. It was a fitting picture to scrap after the nasty weather this past week and the cold and snow....and a long time away from sun and warm and sand!! That is why I named it...."Dreaming of those Summer Days" I have to say too that I was inspired to create this because I actually got onto Coordinates Collections yesterday for the first time in forever and found their "In with the new and out with the old" challenge. Use something new and something old....I have plenty of old and I just so happened to go to JoAnn's after Christmas and picked up these pretty papers from K&Company. So I finished a layout, completed a challenge and actually posted it on my blog. How is that for keeping up with my New Year's resolutions?

As for the weather...it has been quiet yesterday and today but I guess some snow is coming later tonight and tomorrow. I really don't know how much because they never get it right so we all just wait and see what the day brings with it. I know my poor brother and sister out west are getting hammered again. I have asked them to please keep it there or at least send it in a different direction but somehow I don't think that all of my pleading will work. It is beautiful and It WILL Melt...keep telling myself that so I keep a happy disposition!!

And....for any of you who are thinking about getting the Wii Fit Plus....DO IT? Oh my gosh I have never had so much fun exercising. I have even lost a couple of pounds (not just using the wii, but through diet and walking as well) but it is a lot of fun, it makes sure that you keep balanced so you use your core muscles and even though it is kind of mean and gave me a chubby mii.....I think that it is a great tool for working out (especially when there is 3 feet of snow outside!) Here is to getting a much leaner and fit mii really soon!!

Have a great day people...hope you are all keeping your resolutions too!!


TxScrapAddict said...

Ya still got it girlie!!

Natasha said...

love your layouts for scrapbooking. i have a paper obsession too! =] i'm more into journal making..but anyway back to you! very cute concepts of the cutouts and shapes, and the colors just make it pop! =]