This is our Christmas tree that just put outside the morning of the nightfall you couldn't see any of it!
My picnic table is under there you can't even see that there is anything there!

I really thought that we were going to have such an easy winter this year. I mean we didn't have hardly any snow fall during November or December. And I laughed because my brother in Nebraska and my sister in Kansas had far more snow then we did which is pretty unusual. But alas, I joked too soon and we were hit this past weekend with more than 3 feet of snow in my backyard. And to this day it is still falling although not as much but definitely filling up the driveway yet again. I am not a fan of snow or should I say cold weather...I am just so much happier when it is 80+ and sunny but I am not going to let it get me down this year. It is beautiful to look outside in the back where it has been untouched and it is so pretty to watch it fall outside the window...kind of like I am in a snow globe. SO I am going to enjoy the beauty of it for now and try to remember that eventually it will melt!!

I have been having fun cleaning and organizing the house now that the kids and hubby are back in school. I am getting rid of junk and lots of it. I don't need this much stuff and I really need to declutter for my sanity! The snowy weather has made it easy to stay inside and get these things done. I have also made good on my resolution of creating everyday. So far it has been crocheted dishcloths. Not sure why I picked this for my first project of the year but I did need new ones and it has been fun to make my own. Saves a little money too and I know that they will last a bit longer then the ones you buy in the stores. Today I am even thinking of getting in my scrap room and getting some layouts done or at least starting the process. I have to find some space first cause ummm....that room was used as a catch all over the holidays. But I am grabbing my garbage bag and heading in!!

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