This is her kitchen...sin't it cute?
Her own bedroom and those windows have such a nice breeze...they over look the courtyard
Another pic of her kitchen...sorry I didn't remember to turn the picture
Max Hugging her good-bye before we left Cassadaga...He wants to visit her 100 times!!
And last but not least her quirky..."see ya mom...I am going to be fine!!!"

So today is the start of the big Labor Day festivities here in the village. We will be going to Rod and Lisa's for a picnic then off to watch the parade. The annual ducky derby after that...let me tell you I better win something this year! And the best part of all....sitting on the golf course watching the fireworks. It is so cool to be watching them when they are right over top of you....they light them off towards the back of the course and we all get to sit on the front of the course. The absolute best way to watch fireworks for sure!! I always make special homemade popcorn and we set up a blanket to sit on. Have a couple of beers/pop and snack on the popcorn....perfect!! Although, Drew has to work at the Dale tonight. His last night for the summer so he will be watching from the gate. Kind of a bummer but as I am is always changing much to my dismay!!

Stay safe this weekend and have a wonderful end of the summer blast! I know that we will!!

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