I can share my Master's layouts with you all today because alas...I wasn't chosen. Not that I was expecting to because they had thousands and thousands of entries but boy it sure would have been fun to be one of the lucky and talented 10 that were chosen.

Life is getting hectic here...Abby made the Varsity volleyball team which is really great since she is only a sophomore. She has practice every single morning at 7:30 am!! Then Drew has football practice every single night from 4-7pm. We are constantly driving which is scary because gas is still so darn expensive...although we are under $4 now. All the way to $3.99!! Maddie is trying to get ready to go back to school next friday so we are trying to make sure she has everything that she needs and is packed. Of course I am already starting to get weepy and then it only gets worse the following week when my little sidekick starts school. Life sure has a way of changing on you doesn't it?
And an update on Drew's shoulder....went to the specialist one more time before the season starts and he ordered a fancy schmancy brace for his shoulder to be worn during games and practices. Thank goodness we have good insurance because this brace costs almost $300!! It will be worth my piece of mind though! Still looking at surgery in November and we are hoping it will be early november so he can play baseball. His baseball coach is already fretting that he won't be cleared in time. I am leaving it all in God's hands and told the coach to do the same!!

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I thought they were wonderful!