Well, the kids are back in school after a long weekend and Drew starts his college classes tonight for the spring semester. We start our normal routine again. The weather is kind of crappy....suppose to be warm at almost 50 degrees but then we are suppose to have a clod front come through tonight with wicked winds blowing in some lake effect. Just what we all need!

I will be spending time in my scrap room today trying to finish up some challenges that need to be done by the 31st. Can you believe that January is almost over? What happens to the time??

Sabres play again tonight...excited about that. Max has had an earache for the last two days. Trying to treat it here at home so he doesn't have to go on antibiotics. Poor little guy!

Here is a layout that I completed this weekend. I found these pictures of Max on the computer from last Mother's Day. Have I ever told you how much I love my new printer?? It was so cool to find them and then just print them up and work on them. Way too cool!!

Have a great day everybody!! Jenn

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