but at least the sun is shining a little bit. I have been busy working on some scrapping projects. I joined a few new groups and have been working on challenges and contests. Nothing like a good challenge to get your creative juices going. I am really loving my new group of girls!! They are so much fun and the talent is phenomenal! So needless to say they are pushing me right where I need to go. Here is a layout that I completed for one of the challenges. It was using white space. I love this picture of Maddie...I think that her eyes are positively gorgeous! I am also going to try a layout that isn't 8.5x11 (Gasp!) I do those for my store but not for personal projects. So with my new attitude this year I am going to spice up my scrapping as well. Now I will just have to learn how to scan a 12x12 on a small scanner. I know that you do it in parts and then stitch them together but as for how to go about doing that...I am clueless! So anybody have any wonderful tips that you would like to share?? Please!!

Just wanted to pop in while waiting for some paint to dry on a new layout I am working on (yep for another challenge! Love those challenges!!)

Have a great one everybody!! Jenn

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