I am loving my Christmas present this year from the kids and Drew! I have wanted a photo printer for sometime now and Drew was so reluctant to buy one. Not sure of all his reasons (maybe he thought I would go a little crazy and put us in the poor house) but to my wonderful surprise there was one under the tree this year. It is an HP Photosmart all in one and I adore it! I was able to print pictures today that have been on the computer since October for Abby's homecoming. I had an idea for a layout finally and all I had to do was go to the computer and click print. So as we are snow bound today I can actually scrap what I want because I have the pictures. Can't get any better than that I guess. Hopefully I can post the layout tomorrow if I actually get it finished.

Sadly though I am watching the Sabres play and they are losing at the moment. Not sure what is happening to my boys but I still have faith. Love those guys and know that they can get it all figured out soon!!

Hope you are all warm and cozy on this snowy cold day!!

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