Well, I have been doing some soul searching this week. I guess it all centers around my website payment do for the year. I love having a website but in all honesty it has not generated enough income for me. I have my store at eBay which is doing fine and is fun to do so maybe I need to think about changing direction in my life. I love to scrapbook for others and I won't stop doing that but maybe I just need a little change for a bit. I really, really want to get myself published sometime this year or next (Lots of amazing competition out there) And I really want to experiment with some new techniques and designs....get in touch again with the inner artist in me and not the business me. Okay, I rambling on I know but this blog is like keeping a journal and so here I go baring my soul for all!

On a side note...I have created some cute things today to list in my store...or maybe to use as a birthday gift for a birthday coming up. Hmmmm....I will have to think on that one a bit. Will try to post some pictures later. Just waiting for some of the Ranger Stickles to dry that I used on them.

Have a great day everyone!! Jennifer

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