Yep, We do! This is the promised layout of Abigail's homecoming. Did I say how much I love my new printer? I made a mistake and needed to reprint another was so nice to just be able to do that and not wait for a trip to Wal Mart. Love, love, loving it! Anyways, this layout turned out okay I guess, but I am not too awful happy with the stamped "Still" It just wasn't what I wanted but couldn't really figure out what else to do at the time. Isn't she gorgeous? I made the flower embellishment myself using a transparency, alcohol inks and glitter to closely resemble the necklace she is wearing (which by the way took forever to find!!)

On another note...everybody made it home safe last night. I couldn't believe how bad the weather turned....I think that I am a little tired of snow now. I know, I know we haven't had near as much as we normally do but I guess that I have been spoiled with the mild winter earlier this month. Going out to the bus stop with the girls is a nightmare anymore with all the snow clothes!! (emmy and ellie...who I babysit in case you wondering what girls...tehehee)

Well, I am off to do some creating today. Maybe I will be able to share some new things later. Have a great day! Stay safe everyone!! Jenn

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