this is max before his haircut and new glasses that he will be getting later today. The eye doctor called and his glasses are in so in a couple of hours he will have his glasses. We are stopping to get his haircut first though so that his bangs will not be in the way of the new glasses. I am so nervous about what to expect with him once he has them on. I mean really....he is such an active little in the world am I going to keep glasses on him all day and not have them broken every time we turn around.

This picture was taken at the Jamestown Jammers game last night. We took Abby and Max there and met up with some friends and as it turns out half the village of Cassadaga was there as well. It was dollar night where everything cost just a buck. I guess Cassadaga people are all cheapskates....okay....just kidding about that. But it was an inexpensive night for the 4 of us and we had a great time. We are hoping to go again next week with everybody but who knows if that will happen because it is just so hard to coordinate schedules this summer.

I have been doing very little scrappy stuff lately because I have just been in a bit of a funk. I think I scrapped so hard for the Master's contest that I pooped myself out for a bit. But I did manage to get my recipe cards done for a swap I am on. A little late but I did get them done nonetheless.

Our garden is yielding lots and lots of summer squash and zucchini....if anybody has some different recipes for using these I would appreciate it. I am running out of ideas to cook the stuff. I did make squash pickles the other day and if I say so myself they are mighty tasty. They are sweet which I like a whole lot better than dill....I hate dill pickles and I hate the dill herb for anything.

Off to get ready for the haircut and glasses thing!! Wish us luck!!

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