Sorry about that....summer just gets so know lazing around the pool and all. Just kidding but I have been putting plenty of time in the pool and by the pool. Have read lots of books this summer and loving the peace!!

I have some very happy news to share!! I made it on a Design Team. WooHoo me!! I am now a DT for Making Memories For You and I am just so darn excited. My term starts in September and that is a perfect time for me since I am going to be boohooing with Max in school.

Our very good friends had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago and we went over to visit them. Her name is Shea (yes, like the stadium) Elizabeth. And you know....after having 4 kids of my own you wouldn't think that babies would scare me but my lord she was so tiny!! Of course that did not stop me from hogging her the whole visit. She did get held by Drew but then promptly pooped. (Alot!!) I thought that was fitting. Just kidding. Max has decided that he needs a baby brother so he told me to go and get one in my tummy. Yep Max whatever!! People can't tell me that he is spoiled because he is definitely not getting what he wants this time!!

Speaking of Max....took him to the eye doctor today and wouldn't you know it...he needs glasses. I was just hoping that at least one of my kids would inherit my eyes and not their dads!! I just don't know how glasses and Max are going to mix. He is such an active little monster. I am thinking that I am going to have to get him a couple of pairs because I have a feeling we will be needing repairs on them quite often.

Andrew Thomas was away at football camp this week and just got back today. He is a little sore but his shoulder did okay. I was sweating that one out. Jorge Posada the catcher from the Yankees was just diagnosed with the exact same thing as Andrew. He is going to try and finish out the season too and then have surgery. We will have to see how that goes for him I guess.

Lets see what else has happened. I know that there is more but just can't think at the moment. We are going to the Chautauqua County Fair tomorrow. I am hoping that will be fun. I will let you know about that later on.

I am going to leave you with a prayer request. Most of you know that I follow many care pages of sick children and even adults. I feel that I can say extra prayers for them because they all need so many. Anyways, it is so hard not to get attatched to these kids and their families. They have become a part of my daily routine. This week has been especially hard for a little 4 year old boy Coleman Larson. He has been through so much. Most recently a stem cell transplant that pretty near killed him. But he was doing so good and having so much fun at home. Gaining weight and just enjoying life with his twin brother Caden. Unfortunately this week he had a routine MRI and spinal tap. They found cancer cells in the spinal fluid and tumors on his spine. The family is just devastated. So if you could all please put Coleman in your prayers. And tomorrow at 11 am it is being called International Hugs Coleman day. So please send all the prayers you got for Coleman tomorrow at 11am (and of course everyday as well)
Oh and one more is official...I mailed out my Master's entry yesterday. I worked really hard on them and sent them off with a prayer and of course a stomach full of nerves. But who just never know what can happen. I am just so proud of myself for actually doing it this year and not just thinking about it!!

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