Today Drew turned 16! Can you believe it? I have been spending all morning thinking about the day that he was born. All the white hair on his little head...he had more hair on his head then Maddie did that day and she was 2.5!! He was such a little peanut and now look at him....he is over 6ft...shoulders broader than his dads and stronger than an ox!! Yesterday we had to take him for an MRI on his shoulder and the doctor looked at Drew and said "I don't think that he is going to fit into the machine" I just about died laughing . They did manage to sqeeze him into the machine...Thank God. Otherwise we would have had to take him to another place with a larger machine. Anyways, we haven't heard the results yet because we had to leave right away so he would be back for his game in time. The boys did an awesome job last night and won 8-0. Not bad for their first league game. They play again tonight so lets hope they do just as well again.

The above picture is from the tournament in Myrtle Beach. We have an awesome baseball mom Lisa who took pictures of all the games and then created individual picture collagues for all of the boys. She is just so wonderful...don't you think? Notice the cute little picture of Max in the center. She was so sweet to include him too. The boys were a hoot when we were trying to take the pictures on the beach. They are such a neat bunch of kids. Just love them all!

Okay, I am going to try and get caught up on some scrapping challenges that were posted while I was away and then maybe even do a little cleaning. is not a favorite thing to do on my list but I guess it has to be done!!

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