Unfortunately our beautiful sunny weather has turned into rainy dreary weather. That is okay though, really because I need to get some cleaning done in the house and of course some more scrapping! The count down is 7 days till MB and I am now realizing just how much I need to do to get ready for this. 9 days away and a dog and 4 cats to make sure are taken care of. Packing for all of us....shopping for food to take so we don't have to spend so much down there and oh my the list goes on. It is all good stuff so I am not complaining. I mean seriously how could I complain...I am going to the ocean!!

Here are a few layouts I did yesterday for some challenges. The "Cute" layout was done for a contest that I am in over at the IttyBitty Scrapshack...you had to lift a design team layout. And the Apple A Day was one that I did for a MMFY challenge where we had to use certain items. Cardboard was one of the items. So that is what I made my heart out of. Max still eats at least one apple every day. He just loves them...without the peel and I cannot cut them up...ever!! He is such a silly boy!!
Okay, I am off to get some cleaning done! Have a great day everybody and hey tomorrow is the weekend...woo hoo!!

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