So for me, well I guess I just don't get into Valentine's day so much. I like to do a couple of little things for the kids but anything else...not so much. I know can I say such a thing. But you know what? I have been married to my best friend for over 20 years and there is not a doubt in my mind that he loves me because of everything he does for us every single day of the year! And I hope (okay, I know because he has told me) that he knows how much I love him too. We don't need some card company to tell us that we ought to show our love with a high priced card and gifts. Call me a Valentine scrooge...go ahead...I know that you want too. But seriously I love Andrew more than anything every single day of the year.

With that being said...I am trying something new tonight for a special dessert. Hot fudge pudding cake. Now of course it spilled over in my oven and the smoke alarm has been going off but I think that it is going to be tasty. I HOPE that it is going to be tasty at least. It was kind of a pain in the butt to make. I am not a fan of cooking....seriously I hate it, but tonight was my night for dinner and I thought I might shake things up a bit.

I am trying to think of something that I can share with you all today that is a little scrappy but I don't have a thing that I can at the moment. I did clean my scrap room today...I couldn't even find my chair with all the mess in there from my latest scrapping frenzy. Maybe I should take a picture because i know that you all won't believe it. No, I will let you all just imagine it.

The sun has been shining all day today and it sure has put me in a pretty good mood. I know that I must suffer from that Seasonal Depression because sometimes I just can't get my butt motivated to do anything these days. I sure hope that the sun stays around for a bit. And of course that the snow doesn't return.

Have a Happy Day everybody!!

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