This was a terribly exciting weekend. Andrew Thomas was wrestling in the Section VI Class A Divisional Tournament and HE WON! He pinned his opponent in the finals in 32 seconds! All of his wins were pins I might add. We are just so darn proud of him! Next weekend he will be competing in the State Qualifiers at JCC. He is off to practice with some wrestlers today from Fredonia as unfortunately none of other guys made it to the qualifiers. It was a long weekend but it was so worth every minute sitting in a stinky gym!! Here are a couple of pics from the finals and the awards. Isn't he just smashing in his camo boots? His coach told me that he needs to learn how to dress...teheheee...but that is Andrew and he doesn't have to change a thing in my opinion.

The other exciting news is that I made it to Round 3 in my Survivor Challenge over at MMFY. This one is to alter something but we need to use a transparency somewhere on the project. I worked on it yesterday and I think that I am pleased with it. But geez, the competition is fierce over there. So anyways, I will find out tomorrow it I go on. Fingers and toes crossed!

Well, I am going to head back into my happy place (my scrap room) and get some work done on some other challenges that I have waiting for me. I actually even think that I am going to work on new things for the store this week. Hope so...we shall see though. Everybody is home for winter break so I may not have any "me" time.

Have a good day everybody!!

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KarenB said...

Congrats to him!!! That rocks!!!