Now, I am not a huge fan of the Super Bowl unless of course the Bills are in it. But for some reason I soooo wanted the Giants to win this one! Maybe it was because Eli is too cute...he has such a baby face, or maybe it was because the Patriots thought there was no way that they would lose...I am a sucker for the underdog! But for whatever reason it was I am just so darn happy about the outcome! Those Giants played their hearts out and they were truly the deserving team to win. And for you Patriot know the ones...that were celebrating before the game was even played...THAT IS WHY WE PLAY THE GAME! Nothing is for sure and you becoming a 19 -0 The perfect season was so not guaranteed. Trademark or nothing!! Okay, now that I got that off my chest.

We did end up with that crappy storm last Friday. Schools were closed again because of ice. I am sure the kids enjoyed the break again but Drew and I were getting kind of bored with the feeling like we couldn't do anything syndrome. Thankfully the weather seems to be improving for the beginning of the week at least.

The kids had their confirmation "kick off" at church yesterday. I couldn't believe the number of kids making their confirmation this year. It does the heart good to see so many kids involved. Confirmation is set for April 30th and Grandma and Grandpa are going to be their sponsors.

Other than that nothing too much went on this weekend. We had our traditional pizza and wings for the super bowl and we are all paying for that today with tummy issues. Did our weekly shopping trip to Wal Mart and oh yeah...we did go to Upper Crust and get cheese danishes. My absolute favorite treat on a Sunday morning!!

Hoping to get some scrapping done today. I have entered a contest on one of the sites I frequent, Making Memories for You. It is the ultimate Survivor contest. Kind of fitting since I will reluctantly admit that I still love to watch Survivor. Little nervous about it but if you don't try you can never win right! I am also looking into some more contests and DT calls. Hoping to get my courage up enough to enter them!

Have a great day everybody!!

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