We are due for another snowstorm today and tonight! I am just plain tired of it all!! But I did get some very good news today...I made it to round two of Survivor!! Yeah me I didn't get booted off!! I am so excited...except this next challenge is a killer for me...no photos and a 12x12 no less!! I am going to have to hurry up and get it done so I can figure out how to scan and stitch the darn thing so I won't miss the deadline! I have it all sketched in my head and some of it on paper just need to gather the things that will make it shine!

So did any of you guys watch that Sabres game where the Florida Panthers guy had gotten his throat slit with a skate? That was the most awful to thing to see! Thankfully he is going to be okay but it was touch and go there they said. I just couldn't believe the amount of blood that he lost in such a short amount of time. Scary, Very Scary!!

Here is a layout that I did for several challenges...I love when they work out that way. Kill a couple of birds with one stone!! Anyways, it is a layout of Max's first black eye. It just broke m y heart to see him with one but thankfully the tears were quick and he was ready to get back to business playing very soon after!!

Have a great day everybody! Stay safe and warm!

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KarenB said...

Would love to have your weather down here in Texas!!!

Love that layout but owie that black eye looks like it hurt!!!