Good morning! It has been a hectic week and now a busy weekend to prepare for. Drew has a wrestling match today and we have to get ready for selling at the concession stand since somehow we have become officers in the boosters club! Then Kelsey is having her party at our house to celebrate becoming 17!! Tomorrow is Journey at church so we will be there all day.

Survivor at MMFY starts today and I am so excited. A little worried that I will fail to do something correct and then get voted off but you have to try if you want to succeed right? I just love that site. There is so much going on to get my creative juices flowing and I love all of the challenges. Check out the site if you need a little inspiration.

Here is a layout that I did for a sketch challenge on another site. Abby is just beautiful don't ya think? She is so funny because all she could say about this photo was her eyes were all red. I never even noticed. She can drive ya crazy sometimes!! She is so beautiful and she doesn't even know it!

The weather is suppose to turn snowy and cold again. No wonder I can't seem to shake this headache of mine. Oh well, spring will be here soon!! I hope!!

Have a great day everyone and enjoy your weekend!

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Judy said...

Hey, Jenn! Cool new blog!
Yes, Abby is a very pretty girl. You have a pretty and handsome family!