I have had two layouts picked this past week for Fab Finds on another scrappy site I belong to. Coordinate Collections...I am just so excited and tickled that they have picked my layouts. It really puts a smile on my face. Here are the two that they picked. The picture of Maddie eating Gerber baby food Mushed Turkey just makes me giggle every time I see i t. She certainly did not like it one bit....could you tell. The other one is Max eating his very first ice cream cone. Too cute my babies are.

Over on MMFY I made it to round 4 in our survivor challenge. This was a hard one for me but only that it involved doing a layout with a picture of myself and no one or nothing else in the pic. I can honestly day that I don't have any pictures like that in my stash. And unfortunately I was not in any position to have a picture done today that I would even think of scrapping so I went with a baby picture of m e at 9 months. It was a bittersweet layout because I talked a bit about mom. In fact pretty much the entire layout was about mom. So I have been pretty tearful inside today but I am so very glad to have been pushed to do this. This layout has been in my mind for a long time but I just couldn't seem to get past the sadness of it all and actually do it. So win or lose this contest I am just thankful to have had the opportunity to participate.

We had a lot of snow last night and yesterday....about 12 inches. The sun is shining today and it is just beautiful out albeit very, very cold. I am hoping that the snow stays away again. Just tired of the same old same old.

Drew is practicing hard for his upcoming wrestling tournament this weekend. I am still scared out of my mind but I have to say he is getting a wonderful opportunity wrestling with the Fredonia wrestlers. They have a lot of experience and are teaching him so much!!

Well, I need to go figure out some dinner and hopefully get some more of my challenges completed for the month.

Have a great day everybody!!

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