Haven't been posting in a couple of days because life has been kind of hectic. Couple of things to tell you...Andrew took second in the State Qualifier Tournament this past weekend. And I couldn't be prouder of him! He went up against a senior boy who is ranked fourth in all of WNY. This kid pinned Andrew in a tournament earlier this year and Andrew was looking for payback. Okay so he may not have won but let me tell you this...he kept the 4th ranked guy to only 1 point!! I don't think that guy expected it to be such a difficult win and if Drew could have tied it up there would be no doubt in my mind that he would not have won. His opponent was so dog tired I don't think he could have lasted too long in overtime. So like I said, I am so proud of Andrew, here it is his first year wrestling and he goes this far! He far exceeded everybody's hopes this year. There is still a slim chance that he will receive a wildcard into states but I am honestly hoping that he doesn't. I don't think that my nerves could handle that.

Second...I was eliminated in my MMFY Survival contest. It was a technicality but I didn't follow the rules so they had to disqualify me. You were suppose to scrap a picture of just yourself...no one else. I only had a couple to choose from and unfortunately I chose the one where you could see my mom's hands even though she wasn't shown anymore than that in the picture. I am so pleased that I did as well as I did and I am even more pleased with that particular layout even though it was the cause for my demise in the contest. I came out with something really good in the end even if I didn't win. Congrats to all who are moving on and I will be watching closely to see who wins!

It is snowing again...we are suppose to have another storm tonight. I guess I could be upset but I really don't want to spend half my time whining about the weather. Maybe we will have a snowday tomorrow and everybody can stay home nice and cozy. I guess I could hope for that.

Well, that is all for today...need to get some more scrapping done. Here is the layout that I did for MMFY Survivor...the one that caused my demise. You be the judge...was it worth it?

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