It has been a rough couple of days for Max this week. He has been feeling pretty lousy! First it was his head and tummy then last night he woke up with a really high temperature. We got it down now but he is still just not right. He says that he is fine and that he is "just resting with his eyes open" but if you all know Max...he doesn't usually rest! Trying to get him to drink lots and lots but he isn't being very cooperative in that department. While he was sleeping I did this layout of him. I love this picture and didn't know what to do with it for awhile but today this came to me and I am pleased with the results. Very simple but this picture didn't need a lot...I think that it should stand on its own.

We found out that Drew did not get a wild card to states but he is second in line if they need him to fill out the bracket. I am so fine with that! And he is starts on Monday and he is also very busy with the stage crew for the musical. I think that he needed a wrestling break...I know that I certainly did. Abby is trying out for least for the moment she is. Sometimes she is not 100% sure of things but I hope that she does because it would be so much fun for her.

Our van is having trouble getting inspected. Now get this...there is nothing wrong with it! But it shows codes from something that has since been fixed. The codes just won't disappear. So lovely New York state says that it can't pass inspection. Our mechanic is fit to be tied and well, so am I. I don't know what happens if we can't get the codes to disappear. It is always something I guess but this is darn right frustrating since there isn't anything to fix!!

Other than that it is very cold here...more snow expected tomorrow but then I guess we are going to have a little warm up over the weekend. I just want to walk around the lake so badly I can't stand it! But there is just no safe way to do it with the ice and snow right now. I think that if I had a little sunshine and outside exercise I would feel 100% better about life!! But...well...that is what living in WNY is all about.

Going to go cuddle with Max now...boy I hope he starts to feel better soon. The house is just so quiet without his little antics! Have a great day everyone!

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How is Max feeling?