Andrew received his first letter requesting game films from a Division I University! Syracuse University is looking at recruiting him!! How exciting is that? He has worked so hard for this and continues to work hard even faced with his shoulder injury. I am just so darn proud of him and can only hope and pray that all of his hard work and dedication will lead him to a whole world of opportunities! Now lets just hope the cougars can step it up the rest of the season and make their playoff dreams come alive!!

Abby is still having some major issues with volleyball. But I am so happy to see that this morning my sweet daughter woke up with a new found source of determination!! She is not going to let a ditzy blond coach get in her way of her hopes and dreams and both Andrew and I stand behind her 100%! We will do whatever it takes to help her achieve her goals.

Abby's struggles were the source of inspiration for this layout today. Is she gorgeous or what? I have some hidden journaling behind the photo because I don't think she would be ready to read what I have said might embarrass her a wee bit. But I felt it was important to journal my thoughts today and there will be a time when she will appreciate my words. (At least I hope so)

Max is still enjoying school and for the first time there was no lunchroom saga. He remembered that I packed his lunch and for the most part actually ate it! Phew...hopefully that is one less thing for me to have to stress about this week!!

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Susie said...

that is awesome about Andrew! and your layout is just beautiful.