It was so cool...Kerry my dear brother asked us if we wanted to go to the Sabres game. Well, of course...I mean who wouldn't? The very cool thing is that my brother has suite seats so it wasn't just an ordinary hockey game. There was food, tons of food and drink. Comfortable seats, a tv and probably best of all...our very own bathroom. (If you know me you know that things like that are very important to me!) So Drew, Andrew Abby and I had a blast! Okay, the Sabres could have played a little bit better and won the game but even though they lost it was an amazing time!!

Max, lets see...he was starting to perk up a bit after being sick last week. He spent the day with grandpa and grandma while we were at the game yesterday and did very well. he started acting funky again and didn't get off the couch all afternoon. He even took a nap and he is also already sleeping tonight. So I am just not sure what to think. If he isn't better tomorrow I think that I am going to put a call into the doctor. Headaches scare me of course anyways, but when it is the little guy it scares me even more. So say a little prayer for him please!

I created today...haven't been able to in a little bit but while we were in Buffalo we stopped at a Craft and Hobby store. I picked up this cute little sketch booklet that was just screaming at me to alter it. So that is what I did today. The cool thing was though that when I checked MMFY today there was a challenge for altering a journal. How cool is that?? So I have my first challenge completed for the month! But of course I just had to join another group and obtain a whole bunch more challenges to do. I just may get caught up with my pictures yet!! And just to give a pat on the back to my sister inlaw Catherine...she has started scrapbooking again and I just so proud of her!! Can't wait to see some more of her finished layouts! Keep it up Cat!! are temperature was 62 degrees and it was so sunny!! I was so pleased with the day!! But guess what? We have the potential for a major ice storm tomorrow. Now they can't say for sure that we will actually get the ice...we may just get this will probably be the first time I ever prayed for rain. Just do not want to deal with ice...especially if I have to get Max into the doctor. Fingers and toes crossed!

I am going to go lay down with Max now and give him some loving while he sleeps. Have a good night everybody. I will keep you posted about Max.

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