Oh boy...is this picture ever a blast from the past!!(1990) I did this layout today in honor of my firstborn buying a car! Yes you all read that right...Maddie has got wheels!! And I am a nervous wreck!! Then if that wasn't bad enough, she calls me about an hour ago and tells me that she is driving home to visit tonight!! Just tell me please....where does the time go? Hence the title for my layout! Anyways, this is Maddie's first time ever driving from Rochester and she is doing it alone. I have to say one thing...Maddie sure has guts!! I know that I have to realize she is a grown up and she should be doing these things but when I think of her it is hard to not think back to when she was this little. It seems just like yesterday only....boy this parenting stuff just keeps getting harder and harder!!

I want to thank everybody that left comments or emailed me after my little (okay...big) rant on Monday. I am feeling much better about it all and I just have to learn to not let it get to me. You are all right....Jealousy was probably the major component and I need to turn the other cheek. I know that what I am doing is right for my family and that is all that is important. Thank you all for supporting me about that!!

Thanks for stopping by today...I am off to continue saying my prayers for Maddie to have a safe journey home. May have to include a stiff drink with that as well....JUST KIDDING!! (Or maybe not!)

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Calia Yang said...

i love that layout - glad that things are better for ya. Wish folks could be more understanding! *hugs*