I am amazed at how fast this week has been going....ok...how fast this month has been going! I am happy though because the time to leave for Myrtle Beach is fast approaching!! Remind me of that when I start panicking because I am not ready!!

We have been hearing from lots and lots of different college coaches about Andrew Thomas recently. It is kind of exciting and kind of sad all at the same time. I am so excited to know that he might actually realize his goal of playing college football but I am sad because it means that he will be leaving soon. Ok...not for another year and a half but hey, I know pretty well how fast that time will go. So, I was spending time going through photos and found this one of him when he was 2. I knew right away what I wanted to do with it and here is the result:

He was such a skinny little thing when he was younger. Nobody would have expected then that he would grow to be as big and strong as he is now but besides his size I just always knew he would be an awesome athlete. I mean come on...his daddy had him throwing and catching footballs by the time he was 2. Still amazes me how well he did that young but like I said even then we knew he was going to be amazing!!

Grandma Snyder was taken to the hospital for a possible heart attack last night. They still don't know if she actually had one but will be running more tests. We will be heading out to see her after Drew gets home from work and we have the kids settled as far as the musical is concerned. So of course now we are pretty worried about her and are praying for the best.

I have much more to share and talk about but will be keeping this one short today so that I can get ready to go to the hospital.

Thanks for stopping today!!

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Lisamariemlt said...

I love love love this layout Jenn
it's one of my favs
love the white space
the colours
and the pic
your creations are adorable
thanks for sharing