These are a few of the things that I created this weekend for the Coordinates Collection March Madness crop. There were a total of 7 challenges and I completed 5, which I was very proud of myself for getting done. I am usually a pretty slow scrapper because I change, rearrange, and rearrange some more before I actually commit things to paper. I did win a pretty cool RAK of stamps that I can't wait to get in the mail. All in all it was a fun weekend and I am glad that I was able to participate this time!!

Sunday we worked at the spaghetti dinner fundraiser for the boys tournament in Myrtle Beach. It was pretty successful and we ended up having lots of fun working. Max ate about 4 little cups of ice cream throughout the day so he was pretty happy. He also helped the boys serve up the dinners and take the tickets. He was so cute!!

Yesterday the kids had off of school and my sweet children spent their day off cleaning their bedrooms. I thought that was pretty cool...of course we woke up to snow yesterday morning so it really wasn't the best of days to do spring cleaning but least it is done for them and when the weather finally stays nice they won't have to think about it!!

We also went shopping this weekend for some new clothes for the beach. It is so hard to buy shorts, bathing suits and tank tops when there is still snow on the ground because you just can't imagine being able to wear them!! And it is a bit scary to ummmm see just how white we really are after such a long winter! The kids want to go tanning before we leave but I have never done that and just don't think it is necessary. Sorry will just have to put up with our very white skin for a couple of days until we get some color down on the beach! Thankfully we tan quickly and pretty easily so it should only take an afternoon in the sun to make us not look so freakish!! (smile) I did however have to invest in some industrial strength razors for the forest on my legs but I think after the first mowing I pretty much took care of that problem. Yes, I know too much information but it is a fact of life...I don't shave in the winter...I need the fur to keep me warm...teheheheee

I guess that is all for today....just waiting to hear about the van....she is at the doctors getting one last check up before we leave just to make sure she will be able to make the trip down. And of course we are taking the snow tires off today so I expect a major snowstorm sometime soon...isn't that just the way it goes? Hope not!!

Thanks for stopping by today...after all that cleaning yesterday I am going to spend some creating time today...need to make a few birthday cards...seems that April is a month filled with birthdays!!

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