I have been busy working on the wrestler's blankets that we are giving them at the banquet on Sunday....remind me in the future not to have such brilliant ideas!! No, actually they aren't too bad to work on and they are really, really cool looking but it seems like as soon as I sit down to stitch I have a million interruptions and one very white cat that feels it is necessary to sit on my lap!! Yes, white cat hair on red and blue fleece blankets is not very attractive!! I have 2 more left to do but today I had to work on a scrappy project. Thank goodness for that because I soooo needed to feel some paper!!

The Shaker Box is having their Grand Re-opening Crop this weekend....starting tonight actually at 6pm. As part of the DT I get to host a challenge so.....I love making recipes (now for those of you who really know me you are probably laughing pretty hard right now....cause you all know how much I hate to cook!! (smile)) but nope, this kind of recipe is totally paper related. I list certain things that need to be on the layout. Then everybody uses the recipe to come up with their own project. It always amazes me how you can all have the "same" items on your layout but have completely different looking ones in the end. Anyways, here is a sneak peek at the layout I did for my challenge....if you want to see the rest of it then you have to go over to The Shaker Box and join in the crop!! I am offering a RAK as well for one lucky participant who cooks up my recipe and I know that there will also be lots and lots of other prizes and give aways all weekend. So hop on by and have yourself a look.

Tomorrow we are going to PA for yet another volleyball tournament. Thankfully this is just a one day deal and we shouldn't be home too late. And after this one we only have 2 more tournaments left. I can't believe how awfully fast this season has gone by!

And one more sign of spring here in NY is that the baseball season officially started this week. Of course those boys are probably not going to see an actual field to practice on for a few more weeks (you see, we still have mounds and mounds of snow on the ground) but hey...it is a start isn't it. Abby has the countdown for baseball in Myrtle Beach already. I haven't asked her yet what we are down to cause I know it will be here awfully soon and I still have about a hundred things I need to get done before then. Maybe I should have her tell me so that it might light a fire under my butt....(smile)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that everybody is getting a chance to feel some nice springtime weather this week!!

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Niki said...

Hi Jenn -
I just wanted to stop by and personally thank you for your kind words and the lovely card you sent to us. I miss out online chats and hopefully can find you on one of the scrappy forums somewhere! Again, thank you for being one of Ellie's number one prayer warriors. Love you - Nik