Well, Max woke up with a bad headache again this morning so I called and got him into the doctors this afternoon. They think that he has one of those nasty viral infections that are going around. His ear is a little red but he told them it doesn't hurt so they didn't prescribe antibiotics. They did however do a strep culture just in case because I guess that has been pretty popular in the area. So we will find that out in a couple of days. I was so proud of Max and how he behaved! This is the first sick visit Max has had since he was 9 months old! He just doesn't ever get sick enough for the doctor. So I wasn't sure what to expect. He cooperated and didn't even cry when she did the strep culture. Now I even have problems with that one!! He is sleeping right now...the joys of Dimetapp...something they recommended to help with all of his congestion. Hopefully he will get over this soon and be back to the normal full of it Max that he usually is!

The winning survivor will be announced soon over at MMFY. Can't wait to see who wins. There is so much talent over on that board. Very inspiring!

The weather is pretty stinky right now. We are under a winter storm warning with major ice accumulations expected over night. Will this ever end? I mean seriously, yesterday we were over 60 degrees and sunny...now this!! Maybe it will be a snow day tomorrow and everybody can stay home and cozy together. I can always dream of the I suppose.

Well, just wanted to give a Max update and now I think I am going to go get into some jammies, curl up on the couch with a scrap magazine and watch the Sabres game on TV. Won't be as fun as it was in the suite seats this past weekend but it should be a great game all the same. (I hope!!)Oh and tomorrow I will share another layout...I promise. I just didn't get the one done that I was working on today since we made the trip into the doctors. But...it is pretty and pink and has flowers on it...so it should make you all smile and think of spring!!

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